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Saturday 04 July 2020

The press office of the Meshrano Jirga

June 23, 2020


In the plenary session of the Meshrano Jirga led by the speaker of the House, besides of ratifying a presidential decree, discussions were on the current situation of the country. 


Presidential decree no 269 about the amendment at some article of Civil Service Employees Law which was under the scrutiny of the commission of justice and judicial affairs and other commissions of the House, presented in the session by the head of the aforementioned commission and ratified by the majority votes. 


in the open part of the session, the senators said that we are on the verge of peace talks. The Taliban have conducted more than 400 military operations in 32 provinces in the past week alone, inflicting unprecedented casualties on military and civilian personnel. The security authorities should make appropriate changes in the war strategy and give a decisive response to the enemy, Also, some members noted that as a result of the wrong policies of foreigners towards the war and peace in Afghanistan, the morale and military incentives of the country's defense and security forces have been weakened. According to reports, fierce fighting is currently taking place in several northern provinces between the country's armed forces and the Taliban, which need to prompting better military preparations and support for local uprisings to suppress the Taliban group. Furthermore, increasing criminal offenses and several assassinations in Kabul city, including the assassination of Maulavi Azizullah Mufleh, Imam of the Shir Shah Suri Mosque, The martyrdom of the daughter and wife of Assadollah and Lulji one of the prominent poets and writers of the country, The assassination of five prosecutors in Kabul's Deh Sabz district and the assassination of one of the judges in Kapisa province also had strong reactions from members of the Meshrano Jirga, stressing that the government should take measures to ensure the safety of citizens, especially Ulema and judicial officials. It was also noted that the Kabul-Badakhshan highway has been turned into a death road these days, and military personnel is constantly being identified and martyred.

At the session, discussions were also on the possibility of embezzlement of money for combating the Coronavirus, talking about the treatment of Covid-19 patients in private hospitals with excessive money, and some other related issues were also discussed. The Senators said that according to Pajhwok Afghan News Agency, 32 artificial respirators were smuggled from Afghanistan to Pakistan. It is possible that these devices were "stolen" from the Ministry of Public Health, and that each of ventilator is worth between eighteen and twenty-five thousand dollars. This issue should be thoroughly investigated and reported to the plenary session.


Some senators have recently accused an irresponsible armed commander named Ali-poor in Behsud district of Maidan Wardak province of torturing engineers and workers of a private company, the majority of whom were Badakhshan residents, which this action is in violation of national and Islamic law and should be seriously investigated. Also, Numerous complaints from students of private bachelor's and master's degree programs were discussed about the high level of their education fees in the current situation and the way of teaching online. It is said that a delegation from the Commission on Religious Affairs, Culture, Education, and Higher Education has spoken with the head of the Ministry of Higher Education about this issue.

Similarly, Criticism of the illegal way of prohibiting of 68 employees of the Ministry of Finance, criticism of the limited work of security agencies in Kabul city in cleaning black glass vehicles, emphasis on helping with the victims of the recent floods in Samangan province, the inappropriate treatment of nomads in Maidan Wardak province, with the support of a member of the Wolesi Jirga, emphasized the role of women in the peace process, criticize restrictions on visits of the members of the National Assembly to the Ministry of Defense, and other issues were raised in the session.  

In summing up part of the session, Speaker of the Meshrano Jirga prayed for the souls of the recent martyrs and pledged to address security issues and increase human casualties with the president and the leadership of the defense, security and intelligence sectors. He also instructed the Committee on Defense and Internal Security to share the concerns of the citizens with the senior officials of these institutions and to report the results in the session. 

Commenting on a recent report by the Pajhwok Afghan News Agency claiming that smuggled artificial respiration machines had been smuggled into Pakistan, the speaker said: The Senate has decided that the National Directorate of Security (NDS) will jointly investigate the matter with the Pajhwok Afghan News Agency, and if the issue comes true, this Meshrano Jirga will be against who have committed such a national betrayal and will strongly demand their punishment. Muslimyar once again lamented the assassination of Dr. Mohammad Ayaz Niazi and Maulaiv Azizullah Muflah and called on the security services to take comprehensive measures to ensure the safety of the ulema, as well as to investigate the cases of his martyrdom and arrest its perpetrators. The speaker of the Senate added that Meshrano Jargeh was a supporter of lasting and lasting peace in


 the country and was ready to cooperate with the Supreme National Reconciliation Council, and we hope that the leadership of this council will accelerate their efforts for peace. Also, referring to the statements of Badakhshan senators that said allegedly named Alipour, one of the irresponsible commanders in Behsud and Maidan Wardak districts, has tortured engineers and workers of a private company, which most of whom are residents of Badakhshan, said that The central government and the local organs are responsible for this issues, and they should stop the illegal armed people because no one is above the law, and if someone disobeys the law, he will be considered a rebel.