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Approvals Of MJ
Saturday 04 July 2020

The press office of the House of Elders

June 7, 2020


In the plenary session of the Meshrano Jirga led by Speaker of the House, the document requesting 17 billion AFG loan by the government was approved.


The document requesting permission to borrow 17 billion Afghanis for the fight against the coronavirus from the International Monetary Fund to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan was presented by the chairman and members of the International Affairs Commission at today's session and approved the majority votes, but senators have expressed concern over the possibility that the money and foreign aid may be wasted in the fight against the coronavirus, saying the government should take effective steps to prevent corruption and use its real benefits, and that members of the National Assembly should monitor their activities.

Also at the session, the new amendments to the national budget in 1399 were presented in the session by the chairman and members of the National Economic, Financial and Budget Commission, but were criticized by senators, saying that according to Article 98 of the Constitution, these amendments must first be sent to the Upper House by the government, and this Upper House will make a decision on sending the necessary documents by the government. Speaker of the House expressed their gratitude for expressing of a large number of citizens and government officials about the death of his mother and expressed their condolences to the family of Dr. Mohammad Ayaz Niazi, describing him as a great scholar, and also emphasized that the relevant commissions should seriously consider this case and submit its report to one of the plenary session.

Moreover, in the open part of the session, led by Muhammad Alam Ezadyar first deputy speaker of the House, and Muhammad Akbar Stanikzai


second deputy speaker of the House, the Senators discussed the scientific and academic personality of Martyr Dr. Mohammad Ayaz Niazi, and considered his absence as an irretrievable loss for the country and even the Islamic world, and strongly criticized the security organs for their weakness, saying that the perpetrators of this crime should be identified and punished as soon as possible. At the same time, the senators emphasized on supporting the support of the family of Martyr Niazi and suggested that the University of Badakhshan Province be named to Dr. Mohammad Ayaz Niazi. 

Furthermore, the senators described the Iranian police's shelling on a vehicle carrying Afghan immigrants in Yazd, which burned three Afghan refugees and injured several others, in violation of all Islamic, human and anti-human values, and said that the Iranian military is repeatedly brutally killed Afghan refugees, and that the incident, including the deportation of migrants, should be seriously pursued and that the Iranian ambassador should be summoned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and reminded that all crimes should be documented, and should be presented to human rights organizations

Some senators have recalled Dr. Zalmai Khalilzad's recent failure visit to the region, saying that the group would continue to use violence until the United States and the international community put pressure on supporters of the Taliban.

Also, the Senators expressed their condolence and prayed for the souls of martyrs, Maulavi Qayyam al-Din Kashf, chairman of the National Council of Ulema of the Country, Lt. Gen. Ibrahim Khel, one of the commanders of the Jihad and Resistance and a senior member of the Islamic Invitation Party of Afghanistan, Mawlawi Rahmuddin Zohuri, teacher of Darul Ulum of Haji Chaman, Sayyid Abdul Rahim Asemi known as "Khalifa Sahib Novin", one of the famous scholar of Herat province, Lt. Gen. Abdul Rashid Bashir, Kunduz Police Chief and The martyrdom of thirty security officials in Zabul and Badakhshan provinces, who were martyred in separate incidents. 

In summarizing the issues raised by Mohammad Alam Izadiar, the first deputy of Meshrano Jirga called the martyrdom of Maulavi Mohammad Ayaz Niazi in the safest area of Kabul city questionable and said: Despite repeated promises, it has failed to address the need to pursue these issues, Failure to pursue these cases has led people to disbelieve in the actions of government officials. Ezadyar called the burning of an Afghan refugee vehicle by Iranian police an "unforgivable crime" and said it was the second such incident in a month, but many officials in the country still ignore the crimes of Iran and Pakistan and support them. He added that the government has not yet been able to sign a new agreement with Iran and that it is still acting following the previous decades' agreement on border issues and the situation between the two countries, which


cannot meet the demands of the current situation. Ezadyar condemned the casualties of the security forces in Zabul and Badakhshan provinces and said that Hamed Saifi, one of the brave commanders in the National Army, was wounded by the Taliban group in Jawzjan province, and Heydari Wojodi of one of the country's most prominent poets, is sick, we pray for their recoveries. 

The first deputy speaker of the House described Zalmai Khalilzad's visit to the region as a "Failed Mission" and said that the Americans had agreed with the Taliban to release 5,000 prisoners without the consent of the people of the country, which further strengthened the group, and Zalmai Khalilzad must put the necessary pressure on the Taliban to come to the negotiating table