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Sunday 05 July 2020

The press office of the House of Elders

March 17, 2020

in the plenary session of the Meshrano Jirga on Tuesday led by Speaker of the House, besides hearing reports of the Senators, the discussion was on the current situation of the country. 


During the Session, the senators discussed raising prices of food and sanitation in this sensitive situation by vendors, called it against the guidance of Islam and the constitution of the country, and said criminal penalties provided specific punishments for persons and who makes hoarding, They added that the efforts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Kabul municipality to block some expensive shops to avoid hoarding were commendable and that this actions should apply to all those who making hoarding in other parts of the country. Discussion the coronavirus, the Senators continue to comment on the coronavirus and its negative effects in the community, saying the government should take more measures to establish mobile clinics in some areas, including Herat, to examine returning migrants from Iran, They added that the escape of some people with suspected coronavirus from one of Herat's hospitals is a matter of concern, and those who are suspicious should seek medical attention immediately to find a cure for the deadly disease. 

Senators also commemorated the March 17, National Day of the Journalist, while congratulating all on the occasion and urging all media professionals to make more efforts to raise awareness and address the Coronavirus.

At the session, it was reaffirmed that peace is a key priority for the people of Afghanistan, requiring that politicians should more be focused on national interest rather than of personal demands for the sake of the highest interests of the country and no longer harm citizens of this country.

Moreover, the senators criticized the false of the Ministry of State for Parliamentary Affairs to regulate the presence of security officials in the senate session to discuss the recent incidents in the country, especially in the Kabul city, due to absence of the mentioned security officials, the session decided to postpone their presence in the next sessions of the House. 


At the summing up part of the session, Speaker of the House condemned the hoarding of food by some shopkeepers and urged the government, especially security officials, to take legal action against those who make hoarding, speaking about the outbreak of corona disease, the Speaker of the Senate said that besides paying attention to the fight against this disease, it is one of the religious obligations of the Muslims to take measures following the Islamic guidance. He also emphasized that everyone should take preventive measures against themselves and their families to prevent corona disease and adhere to health guidelines. 

Fazl Hadi Muslimyar also congratulated the Journalism Day, and praised the sacrifices and the media's efforts, and praised the role of reporters in enlightenment, and awareness. Finally, he expressed optimism about the appointment of a negotiating delegation of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and hoped that the government share the list of the delegation with the people and take serious steps to begin negotiations with the Taliban.

Furthermore, the House delegation participation report that attends a parliamentary seminar on the role of young delegates in future leadership, held in Washington, DC, presented in the session by Senator Mohammad Rahim Hassanyar, 

During the Seminar, topics of discussion were on guaranteeing our stable future and inclusive security, political power and economic growth, youth, and security, and so on, the specialized articles on the position of young parliamentarians on security and inter-state cooperation and other issues were discussed by the OSCE Special Representative and some stakeholders. The House of the delegation also expressed their views on the issues, in particular, counter-terrorism, narcotics, corruption, and extremism

Moreover, the following agenda, Senator Ghulam Muhaiuddin Munsif Senator of Kapisa province presented a report of Kapisa province, the report covered various aspects of that province. 


In the end, Senator Maliha Jami presented her activity report of Assessment of the situation and problems of persons with disabilities in central and local offices. She said that during the winter vacation of the national assembly, on behalf of the disabled, monitoring occurred from the Ministry of State for Martyrs and Disabled, monitored the process of distributing electric cards to people with disabilities and provinces in the eastern zone. She added that in the process it was found that the disabled provincial offices were not repaired and the rights of people with disabilities were not paid in Kunar province. The process of distributing electric ID cards, is still slow, and technical staffing is inadequate and corruption is another problem that the disabled face