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Thursday 24 September 2020

The press office of the House of Elders

January 20, 2020

In the extraordinary plenary session of the Meshrano Jirga held in two parts by Speaker and deputy speaker, the annual activity report of the Meshrano Jirga was heard. 


the brief reports of the Meshrano Jirga during the first year of 17th legislative terms presented by Secretaries of the House, Mawlavi Abdullah Qarlq and Dr. Muhammad Faisal Sami. It is said that in the past year, 63 plenary sessions, 699 commission sessions, and 27 committee chairs were held. Moreover, 22 law titles and other 20 treaties, international Covenants, and protocols ratified. Furthermore, during this period, 631 times governmental officials including ministers were interrogated in the plenary, and commissions sessions, and reached to hundred complaints. Also, 36 times, the Senate declared messages, and declaration on various occasions and 11 times, the Senators had monitoring visits from provinces.  

At the end of today's session, the senators according to the country's constitution, will go for a one and half month winter vacation that starts from January 20, 2020, this year, during which time they will visit and met with the people in their provinces, collecting their demands, problems, and proposals and will share it in the next sessions of the House. 

Speaker of the House called on security officials to take overall security measures in the center and provinces to provide general security for all senators and other citizens.

Similarly, in today's free debate, some senators, by supporting recent actions of police in Kabul, have emphasized the continuation of the operation, saying that unknown man had killed a family last night in the seventh district of Kabul city by entering the home of a Ministry of Transport employee, and his wife, two brothers and a daughter and the murders has been escaped, and another person in the Fifth District was murdered at his home. The senators said that the related organs should arrest the perpetrators of these heinous crimes and also strive for the release of Dr. Gholam Mostafa Zemari, a pediatric surgeon at Andira Gandhi Children's Hospital, who have been abducted two months ago. 


Furthermore, the Senators once again discussed about the possible deal of violence reduction agreement between the United States and the Taliban and considered it as an undefined, indefinable, and ineffective issue in the Afghan peace process, insisting that national unity government leaders and politicians should put aside their disputes and work together in the peace process in which the MPs should also take part.

Similarly, Recalling the government's achievements in the economic and foreign policy sectors and admiring the security forces for crackdown the enemy's unprecedented suppression, praising the president order for ordering distribution of electricity bill at the end of each month, Increasing beggars in the Kabul city and emphasizing the attention of relevant institutions in the regard, Expressing appreciation for the Meshrano Jirga’s SG efforts for providing better services to senators, Emphasizing on addressing the demands of the residents of Ghor province on the asphalting of roads and delivering electricity, Emphasizing on the destruction of Taliban centers in some parts of Takhar province, The blockage of the Trin Kwot-Kandahar road and the problems arising from it and some other issues were raised.

At the end of the discussion, Speaker of the House expressed his sympathy for the tragic murder of a family in the seventh district of Kabul and urged the Kabul security team, especially the intelligence agencies, to take proper responsibility for securing Kabul citizens.

Furthermore, he added that while peace efforts continue, there are ongoing wars alongside it, and every day, security forces are sacrificing their lives for sovereignty and territorial integrity. 


 Also, he said that the Senate position on the peace process is clear and supportive but saying that measures have been taken to reduce violence It makes no sense and it would be better to agree on a cease-fire which is the demand of the Afghan people and government. He also called on the government to integrate their views on the peace process.