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Saturday 19 September 2020

The press office of the House of Elders

January 19, 2020

In today’s plenary session of the Meshrano Jirga, which held in two parts by Speaker and Deputy Speaker, four legislative decrees and an international document were approved.


The United Nations Convention on International Trade Law on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, Standard Basic Assistance Agreement (SBAA) between Afghanistan and United Nations Population Fund, the Reasons of Rejection of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan about the decision of the joint delegation of both Houses about decision No. 15 dated 30 October 2019 on the Air Services Agreement between Afghanistan and Iraq which was under scrutiny in the Senate commissions, presented in the session by the chair and other members of the commission on international affairs, which two of them approved, but the Air Services Agreement between Afghanistan and Iraq with preserving the right of approval, and to resolve the dispute, it was referred to the Joint session of both Houses. 

Furthermore, the presidential decree no 11 about Establishment of Technical and Professional Education Department which also were under scrutiny in the Senate commissions, presented in the session by the chair and members of the commission on legislative, justice, and judicial affairs and ratified by the majority votes.


In open part of the session, some senators discussed about the reports of possible disagreement over violence reduction between the United States and the Taliban and have described the Taliban group as an undefined, and ineffective for the Afghan peace process, and called the ceasefire a good way to achieve lasting peace, they also said that the Taliban, by suggesting such a plan, were seeking opportunities to work on fronts supplies.

During the session, Senator Muhammad Al-Hashim Al-Kozai Chair of the commission on defense and interior security affairs discussed the recent accusation of Abdul Satar reprehensive of Farah province in the Wolesi Jirga and said that 

After some businessmen and drivers had raised their complaints of illegal extortion along Farah-Herat highway,

Delegation of the commission on defense and security affairs along with Deputy Minister Security, Ministry of Interior, I.R of Afghanistan went to Herat province and worked with former Interior Ministry senior security official to dismantle security posts that were taking illegal extortion, since some members of Abdul Sattar Hosseini's family were tasked with extortion, therefore, he raised some accusation against the House delegation which don’t have any proof. Besides, Senator Al-Kozay has charged Abdul Satar with several criminal and misdemeanor crimes and said that he is ready to defend himself against any aforementioned accusation in any place.

Moreover, Extortion and unsafety on public highways, emphasizing on dealing with natural disasters in different parts of the country, worry about rising food and fuel prices, revision to prevent cancellation of medical faculty departments in several private educational institutions by the Ministry of Higher Education, problems and challenges in the education sector of the country, serious insecurity in Kofab and Gates of Badakhshan Province, emphasis on preventing the sale of unregistered SIM cards, demands for increased imprisonment of former election commissioners from the Supreme Court, and some other issues were raised in today session.

In summarizing part of the session, Muhammad Alam Ezadyar discussed the raised aforementioned issues and said that the politicians, together with the government with a national consensus, to prepare comprehensive and unified plans for peace talks.


Moreover, in accordance to agenda, activity reports during second sessions first year of 17th legislative period of the commission on transportation, telecommunication presented in the session by senators Lutfullah Baba, report of the commission on complaints by Gul Ahmad Azimi, report of the commission on defense affairs by Dr. Mahmood Khakrizwal and report of the commission on women affairs and civil society presented in the session by senator Sohaila Sharifi.