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Sunday 23 February 2020

The press office of the House of Elders

January 14, 2020

In the plenary session of the House of Elders led by Speaker of the House, the session approved two agreements.


In the plenary session of the House of Elders led by Speaker of the House, the session approved two agreements between Saudi Arabia’s Developmental Funds and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for the construction of two important roads in the country.

The Kabul Ring Road Project Loan Agreement and Loan Agreement for Road Construction Project (Armak, Saabzak, and Qali Naw) between Saudi Arabia's Development Fund and (GoIRA) which had been studied in the commissions of the House, presented in the session by chair and members of the commission on international affairs and approved by majority votes.

In open discussions, some senators have supported the Afghan government's plan to launch peace talks, saying the government's plan emphasized the ceasefire and the Taliban's proposed reduction of violence has no practical meaning. But some have said that reducing violence can be a precursor to the ceasefire and help speed up and legalize the process.

Several senators supported yesterday's decision of the Wolesi Jirga about Ajmal Ahmadi the Acting of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, he was said to do not know the official languages of the country and repeatedly refused to appear in the National Assembly, but said that the Wolesi Jirga's suspension of the ministry's budget is not considered expedient.

In the open discussion, the senators expressed concerns about the increased fuel prices, especially in gas, and emphasized that the government should stop those who have raised their gas prices and also called for increasing government gas sales agencies.


At the session, some senators said some children with malnutrition are forced begging in the cold weather on the streets of Kabul, which causing them mental and physical harm, which need prevention by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

The Senators also said that the drug seizure by police and its burning method is not transparent, there needs to be a well-established mechanism in this regard, or the government collects and uses them in a lawful process especially in making medicine.

Moreover, emphasizing on helping of snow-related victims in different parts of the country, especially in Kandahar, Emphasizing the handling of electoral complaints within the time set by the Electoral Complaints Commission, Criticism of those who raises the rumor of the interim government, concerns for Failure to pay quarterly salaries of other soldiers and emphasis on providing weapons, ammunition, and livelihood of the soldiers in trenches, welcoming Madam Zarifa Ghaffari's for being among Fifty-Incentive and Influential Women in 2020, and some other issues were also raised in the session.  

In summing up part of the session, Speaker of the House remembered on the previous stance of the Meshrano Jirga on the peace, he said we want to move forward with negotiations on Afghan leadership and ownership, and that the government must enter into these talks with the strong and necessary stance because peace will not be secured from a weak stance.

The Speaker of the House added that the people participated in the election process and now it is the responsibility of the Election Complaints Commission to thoroughly review the existing complaints and prepare the ground for the final results of the presidential election.

Muslim Yar supported the Wolesi Jirga’s decision against Ajmal Ahmadi, head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and asked lawyers to treat him legally, and opposed the ministry's budget suspension. 

The Senate Speaker Reaffirmed the Mesharano Jirga’s Support from the Armed Forces saying they will Address Problems and Complaints with President Ghani and Chief of Armed Forces of the country. It also called on the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs to launch effective and practical child protection begging programs in cities.

Similarly, Muhammad Alam Ezadyar First Deputy Speaker of the House presented the Senate delegation visit report from Badakhshan province.  He said that during the visit, the delegation during their stays in that province met separately with acting governors, provincial council, security officials of that province. Moreover, he presented information about other issues in that province. the House delegation was compromised by the Senator Kamil Big Hussaini, Gulalai Akbari, Ahmad Shah Khan Taraki and Timor Shah Qawim Deputy SG of the House Secretariat.


Furthermore, activity report of the Senate commission on legislative, justice and judicial affairs, by Senator Gul Mari Laghmani, activity report of the Senate commission on public welfare and natural resource, and activity report of the Senate commission on international affairs during the second session of 17th legislative terms presented by Senator Gul Muhammad Rassouli