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Wednesday 12 August 2020

The press office of the House of Elders

January 12, 2020


The Meshrano Jirga National Assembly accused Iran of irresponsibility and recklessness for targeting a civilian airplane which caused to death of dozens including some Afghans. 


During the plenary session of the Meshrano Jirga, led by Speaker of the House, Members of the Senate, while condemning the targeting of Ukrainian civilians’ airplane by missile that claimed the lives of about 180 civilians of several countries, accused Iran and the Revolutionary Guards of irresponsibility, and unprofessional conduct and accusations of militant development in the region, and demanded that this be investigated in accordance with internationally recognized principles of compensation for victims' families and besides this, a representative of the Government of Afghanistan will be involved in investigating the causes and reasons of the accident and transfer the bodies of Afghan victims.

A number of senators have also considered the recent remarks of Amir Ali Hajizadeh commander of Aerospace Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps on the presence or withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, as interference in Afghanistan affairs, saying that Afghanistan is an independent country and could deal with any other countries considering their best interests of the nation and international agreements, and the Ministry of Foreign affairs should Follow up on what he said through diplomatic channels.

Senators welcomed the conduct of Interior Ministry operation for arresting the criminals in Kabul City and said that they need to continue to fight offenders and terror groups in the country, and also insisted that the ministry disclose the names of those who were allegedly demanding the release of some criminals.

The Senators once again were optimistic about recent snowstorms that reduce air pollution and increase water reserves in the country, but they were deeply concerned by the unprecedented rise in the rate of raw materials and called on the urgent action by the authorities responsible for resolving these problems.


Moreover, Welcoming to Bamyan demining team girls for achieving second place in World Arms Control Award, A reminder of the achievement of an Afghan child in Toronto, Canada, who won first place among students in that school, Criticism of civilian casualties in Shindand district of Herat province over drone bombing, Emphasis on investigating and causes of the crash of two air force aircraft in past two weeks, Sharing results of peace talks with the people, Handling Election Complaints by the Election Complaints Commission at its time, and other concerned issues were raised in the session. 

In summing up part of the Session, Speaker of the House while expressing condolences with the families of 13 Afghan martyrs who lost their lives in the incident of a plane in Iran, he said that it is necessary to pay compensation to the families of the martyrs in accordance with international law, and the Afghan government should negotiate with the Iranian side about this

Speaker of the House said that the recent remarks of the Iranian air force commander is sentimental and said that Afghanistan has Strategic Security Agreement with the United States of America and NATO, and on the other hand, Afghanistan, has religious, cultural, and neighborhood relations with Iran that We can have a discussion of compromise and understanding with them, But the aggression is not accepted by any side, and we want these issues to be resolved through dialogue, to maintain peace in the region, because war and violence are not beneficial to any country, but only pose new challenges at the regional level.


Furthermore, the speaker of the House appreciated the recent efforts of the Interior Ministry's leadership to fight crime in the Kabul city, and insisted that the measures be taken to keep Kabul citizens from being harmed by thieves and criminals. It was also asked if any government official would insist on releasing their names to the public through the media. Also, he discussed airstrikes in Shindand district of Herat province, the raid on the house of Amir Abdul Satar Ghorbandi and the martyrdom of a Kandahar resident and referred aforementioned issues to the relevant commissions to discuss them with the authorities.

Similarly, in accordance to agenda, the presidential decree no 352 about (addition to some Law on Principles of Business Trials) which was reviewed in the commissions of the House, presented in the session by the chair and members of the commission on national economic, finance and budge and ratified by the majority votes. 


Also, Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CRM) And the agreement of loan for construction of 100 schools in Afghanistan between Saudi Arabia’s Development Fund and Afghanistan which was reviewed in the commissions of the House, presented in the session by chair and other members of the commission on international affairs and ratified by the majority votes. 

At the end, Activity report of the Commissions on provincial council, immunity, and privilege during 17th legislative terms presented by the Senator Mir Hatim Tara Khil, and Activity report of the Commissions on tribal, and nomadic affairs presented by Dr. Muhammad Ajan Mangal, and also Activity report of the Commissions on religious, education and higher education affairs during 17th legislative terms presented in the session by the Senator Mina Shirzad where its detail will be broadcasted later.