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Monday 03 August 2020

The press office of the House of Elders

January 7, 2020

In the plenary session of the Meshrano Jirga led by Dr. Muhammad Asif Sidiqi Second Deputy Speaker of the House, besides of open discussion, activity report of the commission on national economic, budget and finance heard.


In the session, chair and other Senators considered questionable and mysterious killing of Aamir Satar a Jihadi Commander of the Parwan province along with his four other friends in 11th district of the Kabul city and said that he was a close person to government and whenever he had a crime, he had to be arrested and put on trial. And in this way, the killing of people inside their houses by the Special Forces is causing serious problems to the government. The Senator said, earlier similar cruel killings were carried out by national security personnel in Nangarhar, Logar, Laghman and Maidan Wardak provinces, which has drawn heavy criticism from the public and civil society.

The Senator also expressed concern over the increase in criminal offenses, including killings, kidnappings, armed robberies and phone thefts in Kabul city, saying the president of the country and the National Security Council should pay close attention to these concerned issues to improve the security situation in the capital. Senators once again discussed the US talks with the Taliban in Qatar, emphasized that this time it would focus on a permanent and legitimate ceasefire to produce concrete results.

The insecurity of the majority of the country's public highways, the accusation of Uruzgan's security commander of financial corruption, emphasis on opening roads blocked by snow, emphasis on reviewing election complaints as soon as possible, criticism on UNAMA for prejudice of second-round of the election,


 The prolongation of the fiscal year 1399 budget ratification and the non-payment of salaries for government employees and other financial problems, and some other issues were discussed during today's session.

In summing up part of the Session, Dr. Mohammad Asif Sediqi while referring the aforementioned to the relevant commissions, said that with Khalilzad's departure to Qatar, we hope that the results of the peace talks will be positive for the continued ceasefire and inter-Afghan talks should be and make citizens aware of the outcome of peace talks because hidden talks is not acceptable to people of Afghanistan. Moreover, he said that air pollution is a serious problem, and the government in the future should take measures such as supplying electricity, cheap gas and prevent other equipment that causes air pollution

Referring to the electoral issues, Dr. Sidigi emphasized that the Election Complaints Commission should investigate the complaints as soon as possible and announce the final results in due time because prolonging the election process has a negative impact on the political, economic and social life of the country.

Furthermore, following the agenda, the report of the second session of the first year of the 13th legislative year of the Commission on National Economy, Finance and Budget was presented by the chair of this commission Mohammad Azim Qoyash.

According to the report, the National Economic Commission has convened 48 meetings in which it reviews the budget for the fiscal year 1399 and incorporates the views of senators into the Legislative Advisory Opinion, and, in addition to the government's proposal to modify and add to some of the law on the Regulation of Salaries of Government Officials, it has finalized legislative decrees no 351 and 352 about Annex no 3 of the Law of Principles of Commercial Trials and presented in the session.


Furthermore, he added that in addition to the aforementioned laws, members of the Commission have submitted their views on the Fifteen Articles of the Law, as well on other international agreements and treaties, to the relevant committees, and, along of this, to solve people's problems, oversee the activities and functions of the economic and social sectors, the commission has interrogated the government officials, including ministers.