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Sunday 05 July 2020

The press office of the House of Elders

November 24, 2019


Press Release of the Meshrano Jirga


The Meshrano Jirga National Assembly praises the courageous and reactionary behavior of one of the Muslim youths who prevented the burning of the part of the Quran by one of the most violent men in Norway.

According to Social media reports an unknown person with hatred and stubbornness of the religion, burnt some part of Quran papers in Norway, at the moment, a Muslim youth who realizes this sensitive condition, with a panic attack, repels the committer and avoids burning the rest of the Qur'an's papers, which has now sparked worldwide chaos and sparked Muslim religious sentiment around the world.

The Meshrano Jirga of the National Assembly, strongly condemning this anti-Islam and inhumane act, reminds that Muslims while believing in four holy books, and considers Quran as a symbol of monotheism in human history do not accept any violation or conflict to the diverse beliefs of the nations of the world, and any opinion and act that insult other religion considers it a crime and expects that United Nations, especially Islamic countries and other human rights organizations, should not be indifferent to such overwhelming conflicts that ignite the fire of sedition and sectarianism. closer relations of today, compatibility, and good dialogues between civilizations and especially the heavenly religions are debatable, not the stubborn and anti-religious violence that usually creates conflicts, because insulting people's beliefs can turn into riots and unrest on this planet.

The Senate, despite calls for immediate and all-round reaches to this intolerable insult, calls on the credible, universal legal, civil, OIC, and especially the Norwegian government to seriously interrogate and punish that man and also take appropriate measures to prevent such disruptive events, our anti-Islamic values in the future.

Muhammad Alam Ezadyar

First Deputy Speaker of the House