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Saturday 11 July 2020

The press office of the House of Elders

November 24, 2019

In the plenary session of the House of Elders led by the first deputy speaker of the House, besides enacting a law, burning some part of the Holy Quran was strongly condemned.


The Senators considered the burning of Holy Quran by the most violent faces of the infidels contrary to all Islamic principles and international law and insisted that the case should be pursued diplomatically to punish the perpetrator and also praised by a young Muslim man who saved the remaining part of the Holy Quran to be burn.

in today's session, senators stressed for the announcement of the presidential election results and for cooperation with the electoral commissions to open the gates of the provincial commissions to complete the process of recounting. Also, the Senators have expressed concern over the increase in assassinations, criminal offenses, and weakness of intelligence and security, saying that recently Wahid Mojdah a political analyst has been assassinated in Kabul, which needs to identify and prosecute the perpetrators of this heinous crime.

Furthermore, the senators said the main option for peace in the country is a truce, and expected that the United States focus on this option during the round of talks with Taliban, and inter-Afghan talks, the consensus of politician and prominent role of representatives of people in the National Assembly strengths this national trend. 

Moreover, Remembering the sacrifices of the security and defense forces of the country and international day for eliminating violence against women, reaches to internally displaced and needy people in the winter season, criticizing Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories, imbalances in the national budget for the FY 1399, and some other issues concerned issues were raised in the session.


In summing up part of the session, the first deputy speaker discussed the raised concerned issues, especially about the concerned issues in the draft budget for the FY 1399, recent assassinations in the country, increasing violence against women, Insulting religious sanctities in Norway, and other related concerned issues. 

Moreover, according to agenda, scheme law of water affairs regulation which was studies in the commission of the House presented in the session by the chair of transportation commission and ratified by majority votes. Also, modifications to some of the provisions of the law of government cases, the re-enactment of the law of formation and jurisdiction of the military courts, the validity of decisions, appointments, and other administrative enforcement of the military courts and also, Agreement on Military Cooperation between the Ministry of National Defense of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine were introduced in the session and referred to relevant commission for scrutiny. 

In the end, Senator Muhammad Nadir Balouch presented the House delegation visit report at the first meeting of the Executive Council of the Asian Parliaments, which had been held in Turkey. He added that the programs included detailed discussions on the situation of children, the development of human societies, the status of workers, security, energy trade in Asia and some other important issues.


It is noteworthy that the delegation was composed of Senators Mohammad Nader Baluch, Mohammad Akbar Stanakzai, and Timur Shah Qavim the Deputy Director of Parliamentary and Professional Affairs and deputy SG of the Senate Secretariat.