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Thursday 23 January 2020

The press office of the House of Elders

October 8, 2019

In the plenary session of the Meshrano Jirga led by Speaker of the House, in addition to hearing the House delegation report from Kazakhstan, discussions were on current concerned issues of the country.


In the session, Speaker and members of the House strongly condemned the suicide attack last night on the vehicle of the newly recruited ANSF in Jalalabad, where several civilians and military were martyred and the blast that happened earlier this afternoon at Ghazni University. The Senators expressed their condolences to the families of the martyrs and prayed for their immediate healing for the injured, they also emphasized that the intelligence and security agencies should further boost their efforts to prevent such inhumane and cruel events. The session reiterated the achievements of the country's security forces in clearing areas of terrorists in the provinces of Takhar and Badakhshan and securing the presidential elections, but worries were about the unfortunate security situation in Darzab district of Jawzjan province and some areas of Uruzgan province where several security forces besieged. The Senators stressed that the responsible authorities should pay close attention to these cases and to clean up the Khostak and Shiva areas in Badakhshan province.

Some members of the House once again commented on the presidential election process, insisting that presidential candidates should avoid prejudice, awaiting legal results, and it was also said that the Election Complaints Commission and the Independent Electoral Commission should implement their joint decision on investigating votes. Moreover, Yesterday's announcement of the presidential nomination, the council was condemned by senators and stated that this declaration is not in the interest of the country.


During the Session it was also said that Arg and office of the chief executive had made conflicting and controversial decisions about the Foreign Ministry spokesman's position on the peace talks in Islamabad, but they have not reacted to the results of the talks, which have resulted in the release of 11 dangerous Taliban prisoners; This discharges without resolution and coordination with the government authority indicates a serious threat to national sovereignty and independence, and both institutions must respond to the people.

Likewise, Dr. Zalmai Zabuli, Senator of the Zabul province briefly presented his travel report from that province, saying that the blast which happened on 19th September that in Zabul, destroyed a provincial hospital in addition to heavy human casualties. And in the meantime, some domestic and foreign agencies have provided aid, but more financial losses must be paid special attention to by the President and the Ministry of Public Health, to address the hospital needs which is the people need. Speaker of the House assured that they would share this concerned issue with the president to take urgent action.

Traffic jams in Kabul city, especially on Shahid Mazari Road, due to poor management, building the illegal building in the Kabul city and other concerned issues were raised in the session.

In summarizing part of the session, speaker of the House discussed about the raised concerned issues and said that hopes that the decisions of the election commissions will be legal and professional and will be supported by this House, but he urged them to act in accordance with their own decisions to address the problems of the people, to bring justice and to stand up to fraud. He also stated that those who benefit from the elections politically and says that the Senate intervenes in the elections will not be allowed, because the position of the Senate is always in the national interest. Moreover, he added that the constitution clarified on the composition of the House of Representatives, and the duties of both houses of parliament are clear, it is required that members of the National Assembly carry out their basic duties and working together can accelerate the essential tasks of parliament, which is to legislate.


At the end of the Session, the House delegation report from the FOURTH MEETING OF SPEAKERS OF EURASIAN COUNTRIES’ PARLIAMENTS GREATER EURASIA: DIALOGUE. TRUST. PARTNERSHIP which held on (September 23-24, 2019, Nur-Sultan) was presented by Dr. Mohammad Faisal, Deputy Secretary of the Meshrano Jirga.

The report said that the parliamentary assemblies of 65 countries participated and the head of the House delegation made the statement which in part of it is said that the strengthening of relations and cooperation between governments will make nations aware of one another, and to directly promote cooperation by creating an atmosphere of interaction and investment in the economic, commercial, cultural and social section. Dr. Faisal Sami added that they discussed with the Deputy Speaker of the Kazakh Senate about the fight against terrorism, the development, and expansion of relations, especially parliamentary relations between the two countries and some of the other related subjects.