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Sunday 24 May 2020

The Press office of the House of Elders

October 1, 2019

The Upper House has praised the successful conduct of the presidential election with the constructive role of the country's security forces and declared its results credible and legitimate through election commissions.


The Session which led by Speaker of the House of Elders, the Senator praised the key role of the security forces for conducting successful election across the country and good management of Election than in the past, but he criticized the lackluster voter turnout in the process and added that Protests and complaints should be followed up through the Electoral Complaints Commission, and in accordance with the rules, the candidate should avoid any prejudice about winning election that confuses public opinions, Because of the principles of democracy requires compliance with electoral commission decisions and whatever team wins the election, the other candidates and all the people should accept that.

At the same time, the senators called on the electoral committees to scrutinize all electoral complaints and violations in accordance with their duties, and Separate fake votes so that people can believe in the future of elections and the democratic process and the republican system. Some members of parliament said that the presidential election, which was held as a national priority should now lead to a peace process that is in serious need of citizens.


     Also in the session, Senator Molavi Abdul Wahab Erfan called the security situation in Takhar province a concern, saying the Taliban had reached the outskirts of Talaqan and blocked roads in several districts. Emphasizing on improving security in Kunduz province, criticizing inaccuracies in voter turnout, emphasizing preventing those who want to misrepresent the election process, emphasizing on submitting documents of election fraud to its relevant authorities of the electoral commission, Pressure on the distribution of electric ID cards for transparency in the next election, remembering of effective security activities in Ghazni province and a number of other issues were also raised at the session.

At the end of the open discussion, the Speaker of the House expressed condolences to the families who lost their family during the election campaign and on Election Day and praised the security forces ability that lifted the elections out of the current challenges, and reiterated that citizens participated in the elections despite security threats and other shortcomings and the government succeeded this national process with their political courage.

Moreover, he added that although some politicians, some of the neighboring countries and even the United States did not want to hold presidential elections under the pretext of peace talks, but the national process ended successfully with the political determination and active participation of the citizens, it is now up to the electoral committees to do their duty and to investigate complaints and to announce the results of the elections in due time.

The Speaker of the House added that the members of the House have not discussed or propagated in favor of any candidate, but are awaiting the announcement of transparent and genuine election results. It also called on the IEC to act on its decision that (If the names of voters are not in the voter list or in the biometric device; they can cast their vote, after approval by observers and their presence in the places they voted in previous elections) so that eligible voters are not deprived of their right to vote.


At the end of the Session, Senator Mina Shirzad presented the report of the House delegation at the annual summit of the Speakers of Parliaments of South Asia, which was held in Maldives.

   Senator Farahnaz Pamiry added that the aim of the summit was to promote sustainable development in South Asian countries and that the House delegation, while also attending the session, also held meetings with some parliamentary delegations to discuss strengthening parliamentary relations and raising the capacity of the country's security and defense forces.