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Sunday 05 July 2020

The Press office of the House of Elders

July 30, 2019

During plenary session of the House of Elders led by Speaker of the House and Deputy Speaker, the Senators raised questions from deputy minister of the ministry of foreign affairs.


Initially, Senator Dr. Muhammad Asif Sidiqi Second Deputy Speaker of the House raised questions regarding recklessness of Afghanistan Embassy in London toward the Afghanistan Parliamentary Cricket Team and questions raised by senators included corruption in some Afghanistan consulates, unequal deal with members of the National Assembly, problems in receiving visas of India and Pakistan, and an emphasis on increasing facilities at the Afghan Consulate in Istanbul, and other concerned issues were raised in the session.

Then, Idris Zaman, the political deputy of the ministry of foreign affairs in his response considered the lack of coordination on the Afghan embassy in London for lack of cooperation among embassy officials, and by Emphasizing further cooperation between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and parliament, he assured that he would pursue the concerned matters, adding that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is committed to combating corruption and that a qualified delegation will be set up to solve problems facing European countries.

Moreover, he confirmed some shortcomings in the Ministry, and pointed to the high capacity of the staff of the Ministry saying that the five-language international certification test had been undertaken and that the last round of diplomatic appointments was carried out by the special committee with the testing and approval of the Diplomat. Mr. Zaman presented information about the problems of issuing Visa of Pakistan and expressed hope that meetings with relevant organs could find a suitable solution.


Furthermore, during open part of the Session, the Senators and First Deputy of the House condemned the terrorist attacks on the office of Amruallah Salih, President of Afghanistan Green Trend in which in that attack numerous civilian has been killed and injured and asked the government to take effective measures to thwart the enemies plan.

Also, the Senators welcomed the start of the official election campaign, urged their supporters and campaigners to make their campaigns in accordance with the law and regulations, and added that presidential candidates are expected to not misuses of the government facilities both inside and outside the country, and the government is also committed to striving to ensure the security of election campaigns and to provide a safe environment for voters.

Additionally, increasing of enemy attacks in some areas, including Badakhshan and Manjan of Badakhshan, Ashkesh of Takhar province and some districts of Zabul were among the concerned issues presented by senators and asked the government to provide security check posts in cities and highways.


Furthermore, criticizing targeted assassinations in the city of Ghazni and emphasizing its prevention by the responsible authorities, commemorating the seventh anniversary of National Flag Day and its proper celebration in various parts of the country, visits of Hamadullah Moheb, National Security Council adviser to Baghlan province without meeting with provincial council members and harassing people by his guards to impose a heavy security plan on Pul-e Khumri capital of Baghlan, and other concerned issues were raised in the Session.

  Also, according to agenda, activity report of the House during 1st year of 17th Legislature term of the commission on provincial council was presented by Senator Mir Hatim Tarakhil and also Senator Lutfullah Baba and Muhammad Alam Ezadyar presented the House delegation visit to U.S and Qatar.

At today's session, the Senate also announced its summer vacation and asked the security forces to take security measures, so that the representative of the people could easily visit their province and solve the problems of the people.