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Monday 21 October 2019

The press office of the House of Elders

July 9, 2019

The Meshrano Jirga welcomed the Qatar Peace Summit's new messages and also cited a weakness at the meeting.


During plenary session of the House of Elders led by Speaker of the House of Elders, the Senators said that we can’t ignore form the positive outcomes of the peace summit of Qatar where its participants were the Taliban, Afghan politician, and other personalities, but its resolution, which has been published as a compromise proposal and message, in addition to the defects that it is currently lacking in its comparative aspect, because both sides of the dispute, none of them were the official representatives of the government, and did not have a fundamental role in this and the parties who participated in the Kabul had no formal guarantee.

The added that and the pain of citizens is just a breakdown of the war, and if the war continues, there will be no reduction in civilian casualties, nor the resettlement of the displaced, nor the other social and welfare benefits to the people,

Moreover, members of the House condemned the suicide bombing in the Ghazni province, which had high rates of civilian casualties, including women and school students, and it is said that such Taliban attacks during the Doha summit have made people frustrate for a peaceful future.

Furthermore, the Senators discussed the concerned issues in the Kabul city including the traffic jam and road blockages which caused serious problems to citizens of the Kabul city.

Also, gratitude and appreciation of the forces of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) due to its recent achievements, the emphasis on clearing of mined areas in Takhar province which the Taliban group did it after their failure in the battlefield, the bad security situation in Zabul and Balkh, inappropriate treatment of the employees of the treasury with retired government employees in particular with the heirs of the martyrs and disabled, the emphasis on the security checkpoint  in necessary areas of Kabul and the increase of patrols, the security situation in Paktia province criticizes the absence of some government officials, including officials of the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications for not attending the commissions of the House and other concerned issues were raised in the session.  in the other parts of the meeting, the Senators, Amena Afzali and Mina Shirzad, elected as Deputy and Secretary of the Commission on Religious, Cultural, Educational and Higher Education and Senator Ghulmari-Laghmani was elected as secretary to the Legal and Judicial Affairs Committee.


At the end of the Session, Fazl Hadi Muslimyar, Speaker of the Meshrano Jirga, said in response to the resolution of the Qatar Peace Summit, "Every peace the conference is welcomed, in case they consider that the current regime, the government and the people of Afghanistan play an essential role in the important aspect of these meetings, he also emphasized that Dr. Zalmai Khalilzad should not engage in secret peace negotiations during peace talks, but also inform the citizens about all the actions and achievements.  Moreover, he added that Qatar political and Taliban resolution is noticeable, because some of them are against the constitution and ignoring the sacrifices of the people and security forces of Afghanistan, on the other hand, the executive responsibility for advancing peace and war is reserved for the Afghan government, not parties, groups, and individuals, and individuals who participated in the Qatar meeting, should have discussed the importance of the government in this process with the Taliban.


At the end of the Session, Dr. Mohammad Faisal Sami, Deputy Secretary of the Meshrano Jirga, presented a report from the House delegation, Participation in the meeting of the Standing Committee on Political Affairs of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly, which was held in the Islamic Republic of Iran.