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Monday 14 October 2019

The press office of the House of Elders

July 7, 2019


The Meshrano Jirga emphasized on cautiously observing the results of the Qatari peace process, and considered that process credible when it came to the leadership of the Afghans.


The Session chaired by Fazl Hadi Muslimyar, the Senators have expressed their doubts about peace talks hosted by Qatar and Germany for two days in Doha, which its participants were some Afghan politicians, Taliban, and Zalmay Khalilzad and pointed out that the best way to end the war and bloodshed, it is Afghan-led talks that will lead to lasting and peaceful peace, otherwise, such meetings are useless. the Senators also demanded information on the details of the seven rounds of Zalmay Khalilzad talks with the Taliban to raise awareness of the people.

At the Session, Senators of Badakhshan and Takhar province praised the effective security operation in those provinces which have suppressed the enemies and cleared vast areas and praised the achievements of the armed forces. But some senators expressed their concerns regarding the security situation in the provinces of Ghor, Zabul, Jawzjan, Faryab, and Sar-i-Pul.

Also, members of the House sought to investigate the events in the Faryab Juma Market and the captivity of dozens of soldiers in the Takhar-e-Jawzjan province and losses of security personnel’s in the Paktia province.

Furthermore, during the Session, the Senators discussed the heavy casualties of the Taliban on the battlefield, the importance of the recent President's trips to Kandahar and Zabul provinces, and the Kandahar airfield named Ahmad Shah Baba and the airport's General Road, and naming square of an airfield to General Abdul Raziq Khan, and the president's the decision to implement a number of public projects were welcomed.


moreover, it was said that the 100th anniversary of the Independence Extradition Day will be honored with numerous ceremonies in the center and provinces, which is a good thing, but people are expected to celebrate the feast as a celebration, avoiding irregularities, fury, and non-religious practices.

Criticism on several policemen in beating journalists at the Ariana Afghan-Turk School in Kabul, criticizing arresting of two teachers of Sharia faculty members at the Kabul University in Kabul by national security and demanding their release if there is no apparent crime; the possibility of developing a Bagram military base to create Military facilities by the US soldiers, emphasis on clearing the Chapa Valley of Kunar Valley from ISIL and the Taliban, welcoming the President's decree on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the absence of the Nuristan Security Commander in his duties, the ineffectiveness of the commander of the 209 Shahin Corps, Emphasis on recruiting at the head of the cricket board and some other issues were also the subjects of today's session.

At the end of the discussion, Fazl Hadi Muslim Yar, the Speaker of Meshrano Jirga pointed on the publication of reports on social networks about the arrested of two university professors on charges of connection with armed militant said that the government should present information about their case and if they are truthful, they should be brought before the courts and justice. Otherwise, insulting and denigrating the scholars of the country is in no way acceptable. Also, Speaker of the House said that every step in relation to peace would be appreciated, but it would have to be expected that the current meeting in Qatar will be followed up and that the Meshrano Jirga will announce its position. Also, he praised the recent progress and achievements of the security forces in the provinces of Takhar and Badakhshan and called on the leadership of the security sector to pay special attention to the security situation in the provinces of Jawzjan, Faryab, Urozgan, Saripul, and Ghor, to prevent terrorist activities.


Finally, Senator Nabiyah Mostafazadeh presented the House delegation participation in the Women's Political Leaders' Meeting in Japan and Senator Mulavi Ghulam Mohiuddin Monsef presented the House delegation participated in a seminar on Parliamentary engagement with human rights held in Switzerland.