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Friday 20 September 2019

Press office of the House of Elders

June 8, 2019

During the Upper House chairperson committee session led by Muhammad Alam Ezadyar first deputy speaker of the House, the House weekly agenda was decided.

The weekly agenda of the House was decided as below:

Sunday, June 9, 2019/ Plenary Session


Participation of DAB governor, Deputy Minister of Finance, Deputy of the Security Council, Deputy of local organs, Deputy Director General of National Security, Deputy Minister of Interior affairs with Chief of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and Border Guard Commander of the Ministry of National Defense and Ministry of interior affairs to present information Regarding the devaluation of the Afghani currency against foreign currencies, exchanges of Pakistani currency and Iranian Rial in some provinces and smuggling foreign currencies from airfields and land ports and other concerned issues.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019/ Plenary Session

Open discussion (till presence of the quests)

Farewell ceremony of former Senators Roshan Ara Al-Kozai and Aziza Muslih and oath ceremony of new appointed Senators Mina Shirzad and Farehnaz Pamiri

Participation of acting Minister of Education in the Session to present information regarding protest of teachers, lack of educational books, recruitment of teachers in schools contrary to their fields and other related concerned issues.

Discussion on Arms Trade Treaty

Moreover, during the Session, Dr. Fasial Sami Deputy Secretary of the House appreciated the ministry of defense for transferring death body of Fawad Andarabi (The battalion commander for protecting the Salma Dam) in time, and said that according to some reason, the Andarabi was killed in a conspiracy which need serious investigation of his assassination.

Also, the Session criticized misbehaver of police in village of Deh Naw district of Muhammad Agha of the Logar province and closing of schools in that area.

Furthermore, the Session criticized on (RTA) for not broadcasting the news at 08:00 pm and removal of Islamic programs during the holy month of Ramadan to release the cricket match live.  Finally, members of the committee prayed to two deceased employer of the House and also to mother of the SG of the House Secretariat.