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Saturday 08 August 2020

In the name of God the most merciful and compassionate





            The General Directorate of of for the Information and Public Relation of the Upper House is pleased to establish a new English language website in connection to the continuing Pashto and Dari websites of the Upper House section. The purpose of established English website is to expose the significant and important information on regards to the activities and resolutions of the Upper House of Afghanistan National assembly to English language readers/clients and friends.

It is pertinent to appreciate those who cooperating us effectively on smooth running of the mentioned new established English website based on their qualification and skills which their names are underlined as bellow:

1.      Mr. Mohammad Kazim Malwan  Secretary General for Meshrano Jerga (Upper House) in parliamentary affairs who is taking an active part as editor on English web site.

2.      Mr. Asmatullah Latifi responsible for (website Manger) website system operation of the information and public relation office of Meshrano Jerga (Upper House) is currently taking responsibility on running the English web site as well.

It is mentionable that since the membership of Afghanistan parliament to the   Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) that Afghanistan got on May 1st

2007 during the IPU conference with the presence of Sibghatullah Al-Mujaddedi Speaker of Meshrano Jerga (Upper House) and Mr. Mohammmad Yonus Qanooni The Speaker of Wolosi Jerga (Lower House) in Indonesia, it was required to accelerate the effluences process in English for the purpose of exchanging views and information amongst the parliamentarians. In order to observe the attention of English readers/clients, it has found its importance since the creation of the parliament till to the growth and completion of parliamentary democratic process in Afghanistan and rather after the provision of English electronic effluences.   

We take this establishment in good as a new phenomenon and worthy decision towards Meshrano Jerga (Upper House) for the purpose of establishing information relations in order to bring the attention of the world community, friends and donors for the Afghan parliaments towards the progress/being remained behind on our daily activities or to get updated and exact information on the said process.

The honorable readers/clients are kindly requested to propose us their views written and creative comments/criticisms for the purpose of better organizing and smooth running of the mentioned English website and further we are expecting to receive your letters and Emails and get your feed back on this issue.

Any interested individuals and readers can get more information related to the parliaments of Afghanistan through the A/M website address.


At the end we wish more success to the honorable cooperators readers.


Best regards,


Asmatullah Latifi

Website Manager of Information and Public relation

Meshrano Jerga (Upper House)

Phone: +93-796-001-794   - +93-700-186-813

Email: asmatullah.latifi@gmail.com