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Sunday 25 September 2022

Press office of the House of Elders

March 17, 2019

The Upper House Condemned the Recent Remarks of Pakistan’s PM on Afghanistan.

Fazil Hadi Muslim Yar Speaker of the House of Elders, and members of the House during a press conference condemned the recent remarks of Pakistan’s PM regarding establishment of a new government in Afghanistan.


Speaker of the House which represented the Upper House assured that Afghanistan is an independent and have elective system; and deals with national and global issues related to Afghanistan through their government, representatives of the people and other politicians, and does not need any ideas on the governance of Pakistan in Afghanistan.

The Speaker of the House said that the remarks of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was a clear intervention in Afghanistan’s affairs, and urged his policy-makers to try to restore the fundamental rights of Pashtuns and Baluchi in Durand line, which was under the oppression of Pakistani military personnel.

Speaker of the Meshrano Jirga discussed on the peace talks stated that the United States is pursuing the existing treaties with Afghanistan and should pursue its only concerned issues with the armed opposition of Afghanistan and should also strives to ensure that the direct talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban are provided; because, considering the casualties that take place every day in Afghanistan, the government of Afghanistan has the right to directly involved in peace talks.

Moreover, Speaker of the House considered the plans for bringing the interim government were a step backwards, and it was contrary to the national interests and the will of the people of Afghanistan, and emphasized that any change in the political system of the country should be made by the constitution through general elections. In addition, no other system is acceptable to the people of Afghanistan, and the Meshrano Jirga is in the current situation stands along with its people.


He also linked lack of inauguration of the new legislative term of the National Assembly as the factor of not announcing the final result of the Wolesi Jirga’s election and emphasizes were that electoral commissions should accelerate their efforts to announce the final result which could facilitate the opening of the National Assembly.