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Friday 23 August 2019

Press office of the House of Elders

January 20, 2019

During Plenary Session of the House of Elders led by Speaker of the House and Dr. Muhammad Asif Sediqi Second Deputy Speaker of the House, the House annual report presented.


The report was presented by Austad Mohammad Tayyip Atta and Dr. Mohammad Faisal Samaye Secretary of the House. according to report, during the past year, 78 Plenary Session, 1072 Commissions sessions, and 24 Chairperson committee’s sessions were held, and also 16 titles of the law and 13 titles of treaties, international conventions, protocols, and agreements were approved. Also, during this period, 1260 government officials, including ministers were summoned to the Plenary Sessions and Commissions of the House, also, Hundreds of complaints have been addressed and other, 56 messages, declarations and resolutions issued in various cases and 5 times, the House parliamentary visited provinces and capital departments.


Moreover, according to constitution of the country, the Senators will go for their vacation from January 21, 2019 till March 6, 2019. The Senators will visit their provinces and will observe the concerned issues, suggestions and other problems in their provinces and will discuss it in the House commissions.

Speaker of the House called on security officials to adopt comprehensive security measures of the Senators in the central and provincial.

During open part of the Session, the Senators said that the Taliban group, is not interested in peace and stability of the country expect of wasting time, which needs to intensify the ongoing military operations against the terrorist group. Other Senators said that the peace process under the leadership of the Afghan government should be continued, and that the international community and other strategic partners of Afghanistan should be honest in this process.

Furthermore, the Senators expressed their grief and prayed to the soul of the late of Qayoum Dad Hakimzai former Manager of Directorate of Information and Public Relations of the Senate.


Also, Humaira Nimati Appointed Senator where she served 13 year as appointed Senator today was her welfare event.

Similarly, the Senators discussed regarding security situation of the Kabul city, military operation across the country, emphasizes for security measures during the election day, and other related concerned issues were raised in the Session.

At the end, according to agenda, report of the House Commission on International Affairs during Second Session of eight years of legislative term was presented by Senator Muhammad Usman Rahmani. Also, Dr. Muhammad Ajan Mangal Chairman of the Commissions of tribe affairs and Madam Suhaila Sharifi deputy of the Commission on Women affairs presented the House Commission report during the mentioned term.