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Friday 23 August 2019

Press office of the House of Elders

January 15, 2018


During Plenary Session of the House of Elders on Tuesday led by First Deputy Speaker of the House, the House Commissions report presented and discussion was regarding the current situation of the country.


At the beginning of the Session, Speaker and members of the House strongly condemned the last night car bomb blast in the Kabul city which resulted heavy casualties and presented their message of condolence to the victims’ families of the incident and emphasizes were for punishment of the incident perpetrators.

Also, the Senators expressed their concerns regarding the recent actions of the Ministry of Interior affairs for inappropriate action of police with their bodyguards. The Senators said that they have registered their bodyguard’s weapon almost six months ago but yet the Ministry did not have distributed card for them.


Hence, some members of the House once again indicated that the United States has strategic relations with Afghanistan on the basis of the security agreement; that the United States should put politically and economic pressure on Pakistan to end to their support from Taliban terrorist group and also bring them to peace negotiation table.

Moreover, the Senators discussed regarding Problems and corruption during the receiving of the visa of some countries, including the visa of Pakistan, and the emphasis on the investigation of this issue by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, welcoming the results of the initial results of the candidates in the Wolesi Jirga of Kabul province, criticizing Breshna's leadership for not listing the money borrowers, and other issues were raised in the Session.

In summarizing part of the Session, Speaker of the House discussed regarding the raised concerned issues and emphasized for solving the raised concerned issues by relevant authorities.


At the end, according to agenda of the House, report of the House delegation and Commissions during the second legislative term were presented by Senators.