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Approvals Of MJ
Saturday 17 August 2019

Press office of the House of Elders

January 13, 2019


During Plenary Session of the House of Elders Led by Speaker of the House, Two International Documents Approved and discussion was regarding the current issues.


The Session approved Agreement on the Development Framework between the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Swiss Federal Council on Technical Assistance, Financial Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid after their reviews in the House Commissions. The aforementioned agreement, facilitates the realization of technical and humanitarian cooperation projects within the framework of the national law of the parties and where These projects, in particular, support the process of reform and reform in Afghanistan and help in sustainable development, inclusive governance and respect for the rights of the parties.


Moreover, The Air Service Agreement between the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Government of the Republic of Iraq was also approved. The purpose of the aforementioned agreement which is based by law of an international civil aviation organization, has been concluded for the purpose of facilitating air services between the two countries of Afghanistan and Iraq, which its benefits include the highest degree of immunity and security in international air services to address concerns about dangerous actions against the safety of aircraft that compromise the safety of individuals and businesses.

In open part of the Session, A number of senators condemned the recent statements by the Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran about the involvement of the Taliban in the Afghan political system and considered that as irresponsible and said the neighboring countries should avoid dual game toward Afghanistan and not interfere in internal affairs of Afghanistan and also they should respect the national sovereignty and human rights of the Afghan people.


Also, a number of other senators have said that the Russian Foreign Ministry said the presidential election was postponed by American pressure, saying that according to the law, the delay in the election run is the competence of IEC and other institution and countries has no right of interventions in that commission.

likewise, a number of senators once again praised the recent actions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on prosecuting criminals, saying that the law should be applied to all the same, and It is also important to pay close attention to equipping and financing the ANP, but others have believed that the Ministry of the Interior, should arrest the criminals before revealing their names so that they would not escape from the law.

Additionally, some members of the House expressed their concerns regarding the recent report of World Human Rights Watch regarding violation of Human Rights by Assadullah Khalid Acting of Defense Affair saying releasing of such reports is questionable to successful personality in Afghanistan and the government of Afghanistan and international community should also consider the consequence of such report.

Also, the Senator supported the recent visit of Afghanistan peace council delegation headed by Muhammad Dawod Zai to Pakistan and hoped that the pace talk should be led by afghan people.


In summarizing part of the Session, Speaker of the House discussed regarding the raised concerned issues and emphasized for solving the concerned issues by relevant authorities.