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Wednesday 26 June 2019

Press Office of the House of Elders

January 6, 2018

During Plenary Session of the House of Elders led by Speaker of the House of Elders, the Senators supported the position of the Afghan government regarding the recent remarks by the President of the United States of America Donald Trump.


The Senators while supporting the position and declaration by the Afghan government regarding the recent remarks by the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, who justified the aggression of the former Soviet Union in Afghanistan and his early decision about withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, It was said that the President of this US should not ignore the sacrifices of our nation and also not insult the values ​​of the jihad of the Afghan people because the independent and peaceful people of Afghanistan during the sacred jihad against the aggression of the former Soviet Union , resulted to millions of martyrs for the sake of freedom and independence and Western countries rescored from the threat of communism and including the United States and UN Secretary-General, supported the Afghan people's jihad. The senators also said that the Afghan people welcomed the withdrawal of the US forces form Afghanistan, but that withdrawal should be made in the understanding of the Afghan government, taking into account the security pact and the division of time.


Moreover, during the Session, complaints of Doctors form Wazir Akbar Khan Hospital was presented by Senator Dr. Zulmai Zabuli and said that the mentioned hospital is a national hospital and dozens of our compatriot are treated and also doctors are trained. And it's contrary to national interests for any reason, to give that to the private sector. It is notable that order of evacuation of that hospitals given by the Ministry of Health which the internal part of the hospital is transferred to a hospital in Burche are of Kabul city, the surgical section of the that to Esteglal Hospital and its Orthopedic section, to the Jamhoriate Hospital, and the land of that has been sold to an Emirate businessman to be repaired and turned into a private hospital.

Furthermore, the Senators discussed regarding, Failure of finding out the results of the terrorist attacks on General Abdul Raziq and emphasizing the serious follow-up of the case by the relevant authorities, consideration  demands of the staff of Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their criticizes on basis of the English-language examination of the TOEFL, postponement of the registration of presidential candidates for changing Election time,  criticism from the responsible authorities, regarding of dollar and Kardar transactions in Nangarhar province,  emphasis for clrear objectives of night operations to prevent civilian casualties, considering the recent activities in the Ministry of Interior as positive actions,  reaches to demands of protesters of the provincial nominees of Takhar and Baghlan provinces, invistigating the causes and reasons of recent fires in the Kabul-Nangarhar commercial districts and other concerned issues were raised in the Session.

In summarizing part of the Session, Speaker of the House discussed regarding the above raised concerned issues and demanded the attention of relevant authorities in the regard.


Finally, Senator Haji Mohammad Hanif Hanafi presented report of the House delegation visit from the Zormat district of Paktia province regarding the martyrdom of six members of a family in that province.