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Approvals Of MJ
Wednesday 26 June 2019

Press office of the House of Elders

December 30, 2018

In the Plenary Session of the House on Sunday, chaired by Fazil Hadi Muslim Yar, in addition to approving a title of the agreement, report of the House delegation visit from Russia and Azerbaijan was heard.


The agreement on the status of the duties of the International Commission on Missing Persons, which had been studied in the Meshrano Jirga Commissions, was presented by Speaker and members of the commissions and ratified by majority votes.

In the open part of the Session, a number of senators said that the US strategy of leaving or staying in the Afghanistan is unclear, and there are always contradictory statements that is concern to the people of Afghanistan and that US must comply with its obligations under the security agreement, and also preventing intervening countries, including some neighboring countries in the affairs of Afghanistan.

also the Senators supported the programs of Assadullah Khalid, Acting of the Ministry of National Defense and Amrullah Saleh, Acting of the Ministry of the Interior, and hoped that these programs would not be left on paper and could be implemented, the Senators also pointed that in some provinces, including Farah and Uruzgan, roads are blocked, and the Taliban are always disturbing passengers, which needs necessary measures for concerned matters.

Moreover, Some Senators criticized on the Taliban group for rejecting direct peace talks with afghan government, saying that the leaders of this group should have mercy on the people and stop bloodshed and have talks with the Afghan government at the negotiating table to express their demands, because the only way to save Afghanistan from the war and bloodshed is negotiation which led by the Afghan people. Furthermore, the Senators added that the Jeddah conference on Afghanistan's peace will be held in the near future and it is expected that the Taliban will enter into negotiations with the Afghan delegation.


Emphasis on the serious investigation of allegations of sexual abuses on football women team by the head of the Football Federation, addressing the demands of the disabled people in Kabul city,  the incompatibility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and some local authorities with Iran's interference in Afghanistan's internal affairs, emphasis for solving political disputes within the government and the other parties, the emphasis on preventing the cutting and smuggling of Kunar forests and the creation of a green unit for protecting these public assets, the emphasis on investment in the Kunar Sea and some other concerned issues were raised in the Session.

At the end of the Session, Speaker of the House discussed the concerned raised issues and emphasized for peace talks which is led by Afghans.

Similarly, the first deputy speaker of the Senate has presented a report on the participation of the Meshrano Jirga delegation on the Conference on The Role of Parliaments in The Contemporary World, which was held in Russia, saying that this conference, which is holding annually by the member parliaments, plays an important role in the foreign policy issues of the countries. And it is a suitable platform for strengthening relations, parliamentary diplomacy discourse, regional and global cooperation.

And the delegation of the Meshrano Jirga during the conference in a statement said that the continuation of instability and war in Afghanistan threatened the stability of the region, and the war on terror is not the only war of Afghanistan, but the victory and failure in this will affect all the world. He added that the Senate delegation on the sidelines of the conference spoke with the Deputy Speaker of the Federal Parliament, head of the International Commission and chairman of the Afghan Parliamentary Friendship Committee on the development of parliamentary relations, and thanking for the award of scholarships. He also mentioned about the Afghanistan's peace talks and said that the Afghan people still recognize the Taliban as a terrorist, cruel and devastating terrorist group who commit many crimes against the people of Afghanistan and humanity.


At the end, the report on the House delegation participation in the 5th International Conference of the Inter-Parliamentary Union for Young Representatives which held in Azerbaijan was presented by Senator Nabih Mostafazadeh.