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Tuesday 18 June 2019

Press office of the House of Elders

December 25, 2018


At the Plenary Session of the House of Elders on Tuesday led by Speaker of the House, Minister of Immigration and Repatriation explained to concerned questions of the Senators.


Initially, Senator Taybah Zahidi representing commission of public welfare and environmental existence and other Senators raised questions regarding IDP ( Internal Displaced People) management, recruitment and job facilities for refuges, videotape that shows beat of several Afghan refugees in Iran, the issue of the seizure of refugee camp, the prevention of illegal immigration, the abandonment of refugees and their deportation to pro-war, the numbers of refugees and displaced persons, and also questions were raised form Acting of Afghan Red-Crescent regarding numbers of Pediatric treatment for heart and bone disease, The condition of the clinics, The creation of clinics in some zones, Emphasis on the establishment of a pediatric treatment center and other concerned issues were raised in the Session.



Then Seyed Hossein Alami Balkhi, Minister for Refugees and Returnees, said there are currently around 192,000 internally displaced people, and in the course of the year, 28,000 other families have returned to their country and also necessary assistance took place for about 69000 families, moreover out of a total of 84,000 vulnerable families, Currently, there are not enough funds available for 21,000

Mr. Balkhi has reported that more than 300,000 refugees in the past four years and 82,000 more in this year has returned to their country. He said that they agreed with European countries to prevent compulsory deportation of Afghan refugees and to provide them educational facilities. He also provided information on efforts to curb illegal immigration, the fight against human trafficking, the prevention of the seizure of refugee settlements, and the provision of employment for displaced persons and returnees. He said that he discussed regarding beating of Afghan refugees by Iranian police in Iran and sending them to the Syrian war and other concerned issues were raised with Iranian authorities.


At other part of the Session, led by Muhammad Alam Ezad Yar Second Deputy Speaker of the House, Dr. Mir Wais Acting of Afghan Red-Crescent during his explanation said that Afghan Red-Crescent is a charitable organization that provides its services in an impartial manner in the country, which has so far helped forty-four thousand families suffering from natural disasters and livelihood assistance were made to them. He added this organization in addition to the exchange of dead bodies involved in the war, seventy thousand children with heart disease and bone sicknesses have been sent for treatment to abroad, as well as donations to widows and infants through were took place for them.

Also, at the Session, of some of the Senators welcomed appointment of Assadullah Khalid as Acting of Afghan National defense and Amrullah Saleh as acting of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, and expressed their hope that they would be able to improve the security of the country, identify and eliminate the enemy inside and outside of the country.


Additionally, Visit of Shah Mahmoud Quraishi Foreign Minister of Pakistan, condemning behead of a school manager in Ningarhar province and other concerned issues were raised in the Session.