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Thursday 23 May 2019

Press office of the House of Elders

November 27, 2018

 The Upper House summoned security officials regarding the concerned issues in the country.


The Plenary Session of the House of Elders which led by Speaker of the House of Elders, while security officials attended the Session, the Senators raised questions regarding the current concerned security issues and release of Commander AliPour from detention and said that either he should be detained again or all other prisoners which accused of same crime should be released.

During the Session, the Senators considered the two-day protest in past two days by some residents of Kabul city and several other provinces linked to the release of Abdul Ghani, known as Alipour, an armed commander, as contrary to the law of demonstrations and absolute chaos against the government and the people and said that in addition to damages, there are huge financial losses to government facilities and closeness of social and economic institutions and roads, and about fifty police officers were injured and a young girl have been martyred.

The Senators added that some of the function of government officials, in particular the vice president Mohammad Sarwar Danesh, was acted unequivocally against the law and national interests and it was decided that Alipour, who was suspected of mass crimes including kidnapping and ransom, should be re-captured.


Moreover, Senator Muhammad Hashim Al-Kozay representing commission of defense and interior affairs and other Senators raised questions from the related seucity authorities regarding  prosecution of the commanders of Alipur, the collection of distributed weapons in the Dashti Barch area of the  Kabul, the suicide bomber in the Uranus Hotel of Kabul and the martyrdom of the head of the Ulema Council in the Kabul, the terrorist incident in the Afghan National Army base in Khost province, the security situation in some provinces, Serious investigation assassination case of General Abdul Raziq and Abdul Jabbar Qahraman, discomforts of the people from overnight operations, strengthening of intelligence activities, prevention of security forces casualties, emphasis on arresting preparpatrator of suicide bombings on the Salim Izadiar's funeral cermoney, security of transmission lines Electricity in eastern provinces and other related concerned issues were raised in the Session.

Afterward, LTG Tariq Shah Bahrami Minister of Defense, Wais Ahmad Barmak Minister of Interior Affairs and Muhammad Massoum Stanikzai answered to the related concerned raised questions of the Senators.

the Minister of the Interior, Wais Ahmad Barmak, in his responses, presented information regarding recent violent protests in connection with the release of Abdul Ghani Ali Pour, and said that the situation that had occurred in the past 48 hours was not a civil protest, but rather a confusion, which resulted in about fifty police officers injured, 12 security check post were burned and dozens of shops were also damaged. Furthermore, he added that 54 people have been arrested by security personnel and efforts are ongoing to arrest other involved people.


The National Security Director General Mohammad Masoom Stanikzai then provided information regarding the assassination of General Abdul Raziq former Kandahar chief of security and said that the case is under development and that most suspected or neglected persons that had been involved are identified and captured.

Director General of the National Security Directorate, while confirming the speeches of the Interior Minister in connection with the issue of Alipur and recent rioting, said that in the above-mentioned incident, all the principles of law were observed and Alipour was released from jail with a warranties and assured that I would ask the President of the country to have a conduct a committee for investigating all cases of criminal charges and non-civilian actions of the demonstrators in order to end the culture of exemption from the law and added that the country's security forces can enforce the law anywhere in the country.