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Approvals Of MJ
Thursday 23 May 2019

Press office of the House of Elders

November 25, 2018


The Upper House approved consultative opinion of the House regarding the budget for the fiscal year 1398 and also interrogated Minister of Higher Education regarding the recent violence in the Kabul Hostel.


The Plenary Session of the House chaired by Speaker of the House of Elders, Senator Muhammad Azim Qoyash Chairman of the commission of national economic, finance, and budget of the House presented the House report regarding the Senate opinions, views, and suggestions on the national budget.

 Based on this report, the national fiscal year 1398 is more than 399 billion AFG, of which more than 275 billion is the regular budget and more than 124 billion AFG is the development budget, more than 48 percent of it is from domestic sources and the rest is funded by external funds, and according to the National Commission for National Economy, nearly 14 billion Afghanis fell from the current year. The reason of this is the reflection of true spending has been showed in the FY 1398 budget.


Also in the Senate advisory suggestion, around fifteen strengths and four weaknesses in the budget of the next fiscal year were presented in the comments that were made in the strength of the draft budget and also the national budget for the coming year is set in accordance considering National Peace Framework and development of Afghanistan.

Hence, in the Meshrano Jirga's consultation, there are 55 proposals from Senators, including public projects such as construction projects, road Bitumen, schools and hospitals construction, construction of manufacturing factories, building of seaside beaches, bridge construction, and the allocation of funds to less developed provinces, improving agriculture and health sectors, failure to balance the budget in the provinces and other issues were reflected in the budget.


The Session approved the budget by majority votes after hearing presentation of the Commission's report on the Meshrano-Jirga's Consultative Opinion, with adding a number of cases.

In the open part of the Session, Speaker and members of the House strongly criticized assassination of Abdul Basir Haqani Chairman of the Ullama Council of the Kabul. The Senators considered increasing violence in the Kabul city as the result of weak management of the intelligence organs and emphasizes were regarding investigation of assassination of Abdul Basir Haqani and recent blast in the Uranus Hotel in the Kabul city.

Moreover, Speaker and members of the House strongly criticizes on the recent illegal reaction of officials of the Ministry of interior affairs with Senator Muhammad Yousuf Nooristani and considered it contradictory to article 102 of constitution.

Furthermore, the Senators during the Plenary Session discussed regarding the peace process in the country, current security concerned issues, and other related concerned issues were raised in the Session.


In other part of the Session, Speaker of the House appreciated the Minister Council decision for building International Islamic University in Ningarhar province and hoped that its construction work start in near future.

Then, the Session which led by Muhammad Alam Ezad Yar, Professor Dr. Najibullah Khoaja Omari Minister of Higher Education explained regarding the raised concerned issues especially regarding the recent violence among the students in the Hostel of the Kabul University.