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Sunday 26 May 2019

Press office of the House of Elders

October 30, 2018

Fazil Hadi Muslim Yar Speaker of the House of Elders Met with Atta-u-Rahman Durani Representative of Islamic Development Bank to Afghanistan.

During the meeting, Mr. Durani presented information regarding the Islamic University project in the Ningarhar province and said that in 2012, at the conference of the Islamic Cooperation Organization, a plan to build an Islamic University in Afghanistan was presented by the Afghanistan representative at the conference, and in order to realize the important of this project, the Islamic Development Bank ordered the University of Malaysia to complete the initial survey of the University and then the Afghan government at that time decided that the mentioned university by support of Islamic Development Bank should be built in the Nangarhar province in more than a thousand acres of land. Also, the technical team of the bank began its studies in Nangarhar province, and the construction of this university has been estimated at about 213 million dollars in three phases, including ten faculties, modern library, well-equipped hostels, and other necessary needs in the university were considered.


Subsequently, Speaker of the House of Elders discussed about the construction plan of the University in the Ningarhar province which it’s all procedures had been completed in 2014, and Its foundation stone were put in the area of a thousand acres of land, but as a reports, Unfortunately, the Council of Ministers recently has decided that the university should be built in Kabul city. the Senate consider this decision of the government unreasonable and injustice, and also against balanced development.

Speaker of the House of Elders emphasized that as soon as possible, the President of the country should raise this issue in the cabinet, the decision of the secondly should be abolished and the university should be constructed in a previously designated place.