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Monday 17 June 2019

Press Office of the House of Elders

October 2, 2018


During the Plenary Session of the House of Elders on Tuesday Chaired by Muhammad Alam Ezad Yar First Deputy Speaker of the House, along of ratification amendment in a title of law, relevant Kabul municipality answered to the questions of the Senators.


During the Session, the Senator ratified amendment scheme and addition to the article law of financial management affairs and public expenditure which is reviewed in the commissions of the Senate.


Subsequently, Ahmad Shoaib Rahim Deputy of Finance and Administration and Acting of the Kabul Municipality during explanation regarding the concerned issues said that draft law of the Kabul Municipality, which meets the current requirements, is completed and will be sent to the National Assembly for approval.


Moreover, Acting Kabul mayor discussed about the other relevant concerned issues of the Kabul city and presented information regarding the progress at the Padola project of the Kabul city, issues of vendors, Construction of facilities and route at the gates of Kabul city, and traffic issue in the Kabul city. Failure to stop illegal houses construction, collection of revenues, failure in clearness of the Kabul city, and Lack of green areas,


Then, Ahmad Behzad, clearing director of the municipality answered to the relevant concerned issues of the Kabul city.


During open part of the Session, some members of the Senate expressed their concerns regarding transformation of Afghanistan security to Blackwater security company and also condemned the civilian causalities during the military raid in some part of the country.


Moreover, the Senators discussed about lack of security in the Highway of Kabul-Kandahar, emphasizes for transformation of biometric device to all voting centers, problems of prisoners, and other concerned issues were raised in the Session. 


At the end, First Deputy Speaker of the House discussed regarding the above concerned issues and emphasized that the security forces should be equipped with modern weapon according to the bilateral security agreement. Moreover, he discussed about the issues of generals’ retirement and ordered the relevant commission of the House to investigate the concerned issues.