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Friday 19 April 2019

Press Office of the House of Elders

September 11, 2018


At the House of Elders Plenary Session led by Speaker of the House, Report from the Kapisa Province presented and discussion was regarding the current situation of the country.


during the Session, the Senators on the occasion of the Martyrs Week prayed for the souls of the martyrs and number of Senators expressed their views regarding celebrating the martyrs' day and the 17th anniversary of the martyrdom of Ahmad Shah Massoud, the National Hero of the nation said that in honor of this day, the ceremony should be in accordance with the religious orders and laws of the country and should not be allowed to disturb public order and safety. The Senators emphasized for arresting the criminals which were celebrating the ceremony against the law.

Moreover, the Senators discussed regarding the current security situation of the country especially the provinces of Saripole, Faryab, Kundoz, Baghlan, Ghazni and in other provinces. The senators expressed their unfortunate regarding increasing in number of casualties of ANSF and stipulated for revision of bilateral security agreement with USA.

Furthermore, the Senators discussed about the terrorist incident of (11 September) in USA and fight against the terrorism in Afghanistan. The Senators emphasized for further pressures on terrorist group and their supporting states.


Also, during the Session the Senators discussed regarding different of concerned issues of the country especially regarding increasing level of crime in the Kabul city including stealing people’s car, emphasizes for investigating and punishing the related officers whom were neglected for security of Ghazni province, remembering the raises of Ashora day, road blockage of Faryab-Jawzijan in last months, admiring peace struggle of the President Ghani, Emphasis on the expansion and development of Meshrano Jirga TV broadcasts, books and other necessary requirement of school shortage in some provinces, and other issues were raised in the Session.

Additionally, amendment proposal and addition in the (law of general directorate of budget) introduced in the Session and referred for their related commissions for further reviews.

In conclusion part of the Session, Speaker of the House discussed regarding the above raised issues and expressed his unfortunate regarding the current situation of the country. Moreover, Speaker of the House discussed about the issues of bilateral security agreement with USA, Martyrs Week, and other concerned issues of the country.


Finally, Senator Maulavi Ghulam Muhaiuddin Munsif presented a report from the Kapisa province. The report contained information of the meeting with governor, provincial council members, chairman of departments, representative of civil society and human rights of that province.