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Monday 17 June 2019

Press office of the House of Elders

July 22, 2018


At the House of Elders Plenary Session on Tuesday, chaired by Speaker of the Senate, the Session ratified a title of legislative decree, and activity report of the Senate during First Session of Eight year of Legislature term presented.



Members of the House ratified presidential decree no 156 regarding Proposed law of Urbanization and Housing after their reviews in the Commissions of the House. It is mentionable that this law has been rejected by the House of Representative. The Senate by ratifying this law plans to conduct joint meeting to discuss this law for ratification.


Afterward, Muhammad Alam Ezadyar First Deputy Speaker of the Senate and Austad Muhammad Tayeb Atta Secretary of the Senate presented activity report of the Senate during First Session of Eight year of Legislature term presented. The report added that during this period 40 Plenary Sessions, 532 Commissions Session and 11 Chairman Committee Session was conducted and also 11 titles of law and 9 titles of treaties, international conventions, protocols, and agreements were ratified.



Also, during this period, 577 officials, including ministers and other government officials, were interrogated at Plenary Session and Commissions Session of the Senate, and has been reached to hundreds of complaints and petition by people and government agencies. According to the report, the Senate has issued 34 messages, declarations and resolutions in a number of cases, and 27 times the parliamentary committees have monitored the provinces and departments of Kabul.


Furthermore, according to Constitution of the country, the Senate announced their summer vacation from July 23 for one and half month. In this vacation, the Senator will visit their provinces and will observe the status and other issues in the provinces.



Also during the Session, Senator Haji Muhammad Hanif Hanafi presented activity report of the Commission on Complain hearing during the mentioned period. He said that during this period, 49 Commission Sessions were conducted and in this 1877 times, government officials, including ministers, deputies, governors, mayors and commanders of security, have been interrogated and reached to complaints and disputes of people.


Also, Abdul Qadir Noorzai introduced as the new appointed Senator and his oath ceremony was performed by Speaker of the House of Elders. 


During the Session, members of the House discussed about the current issues in the country and discussion was on the possible ceasefire during the Eid ul Adha, returns of General Abdul Rashid Dustm Vice President, Election issues and other relevant concerned issues were raised in the Session.


Finally, Fazil Hadi Muslimyar Speaker of the Meshran o Jirga concluded the Session and discussed about the raised issues in the Session.