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Thursday 23 May 2019

Press office of the House of Elders

July 17, 2018


At the House of Elders Plenary Session on Tuesday chaired by Speaker of the House of Elders, the Session ratified Presidential Decree regarding removing word of independent title from independent office unites and issued legislative documents after their reviews in the House Commissions.


During open part of the Session, some members of the Senate discussed about the recent order of the US president regarding ordering their diplomat to have direct talk with Taliban group and said that due to long term war in Afghanistan, the Taliban must join the peace process of Afghanistan and the US should play a vital role in this process and should put pressures on supporting terrorism countries to end to their terrorism support. Meanwhile, some other Senators considered this news of US talk with Taliban as press misunderstanding and said that in case of reality of this news, it shows the unwillingness of the US toward the peace in Afghanistan.

Furthermore, the Senators remembered about the International Papulation Day, and discussed about various life aspects of the Afghanistan people.

Moreover, members of the House discussed about the current situation of the country and expressed their unfortunate regarding disunity and demands of separation and autonomy in some part of the country and asked from the politician to strive for unity and save the people from this situation. The Senators discussed about the recent protest in the Northern province and its negative aspects on the government and economy of the people and emphasizes were that the government should reaches to demands of protesters.

Also during the Session, other relevant concerned issues were raised by the Senators.


In conclusion part of the Session, Speaker of the House concluded the above raised issues and also discussed about the peace process in Afghanistan. Speaker of the House expressed concerns regarding closing of trade port in the Northern provinces and emphasized that the government should reach to legal demands of the protesters.

Speaker of the House considered demands of political leaders as their rights but said that changes in election procedures to start biometric procedures in election process is late and negatively affect the election procedure.

Also, according to agenda, Senator Nisar Ahmad Haris presented activity report of First-Session of the Commission of Public Welfare and Natural Resources.

Subsequently, Shafiqa Nawroz Khil presented activity report of the Commission of Women affairs and Civil Society.


Finally, Senator Aziza Muslih presented activity report of the House of Elders Commission of legislative, justice and judicial affairs during the First-Session of the House.

According to other news, some students of the Rana University had supervision visit of the parliament. The mentioned students were informed from the work producers in the parliament.