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Approvals Of MJ
Wednesday 24 April 2019

Press office of the House of Elders

July 8, 2018


At the Senate Plenary Session of the House of Elders on Sunday, the Session approved a law and certified an international document.


The Session which led by Muhammad Alam Ezadyar First Deputy Speaker of the House, the Session approved a law and certified an international document and also expressed their support from the Afghanistan Peace Conference which held in the Saudi Arabia.

The Session with majority vote certified cooperation agreement between the government of Afghanistan and Republic of Poland and also ratified (proposed law of translation affairs and certification of official documents) after their reviews in the commission of the House.

During open part of the Session, the Session expressed their support regarding the upcoming great conference about the Afghanistan peace which will be held in the Saudi Arabia. It is mentionable that the two-day conference will be held in the Saudi cities of Jeddah and Mecca and religious scholars are expected to announce their stance on the war in Afghanistan in a declaration that the war in Afghanistan is a prohibited act from a religious perspective.

The Session criticized on Pakistan for their dishonesty regarding the peace in Afghanistan and called on international community to put pressures on terrorism supporting countries.


Moreover, members of the House discussed about the recent discussion of the President Ghani for arresting illegal armed people in the Faryab, Urozgan, Badakhshan and Farah province and considered it as good step in maintenance of security in the country, but some other Senators opposed this action. Furthermore, the Senators discussed about the protest of the people in the northern provinces. the protesters demands are the returns of the First Vice president to country and release of its commander (Nizamuddin Qaisari).

Furthermore, the Senators discussed about the current security situation of the country and emphasizes were for the national unity and avoiding ethnical quarrels.

In addition to above mentioned concerned raised issues, the Session discussed variety of issues which include; concerns regarding distribution of fake Tazkira in some part of the country, emphasizes for solving election concerned issue in the Ghazni province, environmental and road blockage issues in the Kabul city, criticizes regarding checking house of Nizammudin Qaisari in the Maimana city, supporting the peace caravan of the Helmand and Laghman province people, concerns regarding transferring Afghan Film Archive to Arg (Presidential office) , and other raised concerned issues were discussed in the Session.


During conclusion part of the Session, First Deputy Speaker of the House concluded the raised concerned issues of the Senators and discussed about the concerned issues of election, emphasizes on the government leadership for supporting the Aryan Afghan Airline, security situation of the country, Iran’s support from Taliban, peace process in Afghanistan and other relevant issues were concluded.