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Friday 22 February 2019

Press office of the House of Elders

July 4, 2018


The Hearing Meeting (Afghan Peace Process) was initiated at the hall of the National Assembly by the initiative of the Commissions for Women Affairs, Civil Society and Legislative Affairs, Justice and Judiciary of the Meshrano-Jirga.



The meeting was attended by some Senators, a number of ministers, the chairperson of the Independent Human Rights Commission, members of the Ulema Council and the Peace Council, the Constitutional Review Committee, university professors and civil society activists.

  At the begging, Sediqah Balkhi, Chairwomen of the Commission on Women and the Civil Society affairs spoke about the various purposes and the various aspects of the meeting, and expressed his gratitude to the President Ghani’s efforts to call for peace and to the convening of a fatwa of the Ulema of Afghanistan regarding considering Haram the current war in Afghanistan.



Then Mohammad Alam Ezadyar, the first deputy of the Meshrano Jirga, said that the Senate welcomes all programs and peace conferences in light of the national interest, since peace has been the solution to long run war in the country, and everyone will need it seriously, but the definition of peace should be clear and the way to reach it is also properly should be addressed. Also he added that the peace should not be used as a project and instrument for weakening political rivals, but it should be for national accord and national interest, and all obstacles that prevent peace process should be solved through dialogue and similarly the government should also use the power to achieve it.


Moreover, Maulavi Attaullah Luddin Deputy of the High Peace Council and Dr. Sima Samar Chairperson of the Independent Human Right Commission, Dr. Muhammad Asif Sediqi Second Deputy Speaker of the House and Austad Muhammad Tayed Atta Secretary of the House of Elders during their spoke about the peace process and supported the peace process in Afghanistan and also spoke about the other relevant issues.


In conclusion part of the meeting, Maulavi Ghulam Muhaiuddin Munsif Chairman of the Commission of Justice, and Judiciary affairs concluded that meeting and finally some relevant officials answered to the questions of the participants.

The following four articles were also resolved:



1.      In the current war of Afghanistan, the only victims of war are Afghans, and this is an imposed war requiring immediate cessation.

2 .  We support the recent position of the President in the peace process, in particular, the announcement of a ceasefire, and we call on the Taliban to pursue these desirable ways in order to bring about a lasting peace in the country, and renew the ceasefire on both sides.



3.  We seriously call on the regional countries and international organizations to support the Afghan government in the process of peace in order to stop the war in Afghanistan, and impose political, economic and military pressure to those countries that see their interests in the Afghan war.

4 . We urge all political parties within the country to strongly support the peace process in Afghanistan and prevent any obstacle to the peace process.