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Saturday 23 February 2019

Press Office of the House of Elders

July 3, 2018

At the Upper House Session on Tuesday led by Muhammad Alam Ezadyar First Deputy Speaker of the House, (Agreement between the Government of Afghanistan and Uzbekistan Regarding Transit of Goods) approved and strongly condemned the suicide attack on the Sikh of the Country.


The mentioned agreements presented in the Session and approved after their reviews in the House commissions.

During open part of the Session, members and Speaker of the House strongly condemned the suicide attack on the Sikh of the country in the Ningarhar province and considered it against the humanity. 


Furthermore, the Senators discussed about the security situation in the country and expressed their worries for increasing violence and some part of the country. Some members of the Session during their discussion expressed their concerns regarding arrest of Nizamuddin Qaisari in the Faryab province and considered such action of the government against the prosperity of the country.


Additionally, during the Session, members of the House discussed regarding variety of issues especially regarding Emphasizes regarding investigating reason of fall of Aye Khanm port of the Takhar province to Taliban, worsening security situation of the Badakhshan province and also in the highways of the paktiak province, results of the peace meeting of the Uzbekistan regarding Afghanistan, emphasizes for solving problems of disabled people in the Kabul city, construction issues in the Kabul city, remembering inauguration of complex hospital by President Ghani in the Ningarhar province, remembering the international day of fight against drug, welcoming the US pressure on Pakistan for not supporting terrorism and other relevant concerned issues were raised in the Session.


 Finally, First Deputy Speaker of the House discussed about the raised issues in the Session and emphasized on the government to strive for the maintaining security across the country.