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Saturday 23 February 2019

 Press Office of the House of Elders

June 10, 2018


During the House of Elders on Sunday chaired by Speaker of the House of Elders, the Session welcomed and expressed their support from the ceasefire by government and Taliban during the EID days.



The Senators welcomed the recent decision of the President Ghani and Taliban groups for declaring ceasefire during the EID days and considered this action as good opportunities for peace process and hoped that this mutual ceasefire could last permanently.

Also, the Senators discussed about participation of President Ghani at the sixteenth summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to be held today in China and expressed their hope that the president would be able to satisfy the leaders of the member countries of the organization in order to make Afghanistan a permanent member. During the Session, Senate members remembered the decision of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to support NATO's financial support to the Afghan security forces by 2024, saying that donations to the defense and security forces of Afghanistan would be a necessity, but sending more troops would not work. and, instead of sending troops, the country's defense and security forces should be equipped with modern weaponry and also called on NATO to support the Afghan peace process while putting pressure on supporters of terrorism.



A number of Senators have expressed their deep concern over the disagreement between the president Ghani and the CEO of the National Unity Government and said that disputes among the leaders of the national unity government has negative effects on the morale of the people and the defense and security forces of the country that are fighting against the terrorists.

During the Session, members of the Senate once again presented their message of condolence regarding martyrdom of a number of relatives of the Speaker of the House in the Chaparhar district of the Ningarhar province and emphasizes were for investigation of the of the incident.


The expediency of dismissing the Minister of Energy and Water in the current situation, commemorating the first anniversary of the martyrdom of Mohammad Salem Izadiyar and other martyrs of the incident, concern over the increase of criminal cases and robbery in Kabul city especially in the Khir Khana area, increases in the casualties of security forces in Samangan province, increased causalities of security forces in recent days in several provinces, emphasizing solving the problems of elections in Ghazni province and opening center of the IEC in that province, statement of the Police Commander of the Ghazni province about existence of eleven hundreds of imaginary police in that province, emphasis for solving electoral challenges and the return of lost election credentials, increasing load-shedding in some parts of the Kabul city, non-payment of several months of police salaries in Uruzgan province, condemning the assassination of Sheikh al-Quran and Head of Ulama Council of Laghman Province Mohammad Younes Shamkheil and emphasizes for maintaining security of Scholars in the country and other related concerned issues were raised in the Session.   

During conclusion section of the Session, Speaker of the House discussed about the above-mentioned concerned issues and considered the new pledged of NATO with Afghanistan as a good message for Afghanistan.



Finally, Senator Mustafa Zahir presented report of the House of Elders delegation participation at the International Forum "Development of Parliamentarism" which took place in Moscow, on 4-5 June 2018. He said that more than 500 international participants from 50 countries, parliamentarians and experts from 96 countries were participated in that Forum. The two-day International Forum took place in the format of three sections - (1) “Legislative Support for Development of the World Economy in the 21st Century: Directions, Technologies, Resources”, (2) “Strengthening International Security: The Role of Parliaments”, (3) “Development of National Legislation: Lawmaking for the Benefit of Sovereign Nations, Exchange of Best Practices and International Harmonization”. Senator Zahir appreciated services, preparation, and providing the necessary facilities by the Afghan embassy in Russia to the Afghan delegation.