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Tuesday 19 March 2019

Press Office of the House of Elders

 June 3, 2018


At the Upper House Session on Sunday led by Fazil Hadi Muslimyar, along of hearing different reports of the House discussion was about the current situation of the country.

At the beginning of the Session, the Senators prayed to the soul of martyrs including Nine relative members of Speaker of the House in the Chaparhar district of the Ningarhar province. Members of the House condemned the incident and expressed their message of condolence to the victim’s families.


During the Session, members of the House said that the major voter registration centers and distribution of Tazkira are established in schools which is caused disturbance to students of the schools and concerns of their families as well. The Session emphasized to transfer the mentioned centers to other safe places.


Members of the House during their discussion expressed their supports from the Afghanistan National Security Forces (ANSF) and said that by military operations which is conducted by (ANSF) across the country, the enemy’s assaults intercepted especially in Farah and Urozgan province.


Moreover, members of the House congratulated the International Children’s Day and said that unfortunately, a large number of Afghan children have been busy in hard working in the city with the lack of education and training that should be provided for them.



    Furthermore, other related concerned issues of the country were discussed in the Session specially emphasis on the avoidance of prejudices and slogans of a linguistic in the country and maintenance of the national unity, providing details of the attack on the Ministry of Internal Affairs, concerns about the increase in the price of raw materials in Afghanistan, the shortage of voter registration centers and the process of Tazkira distribution in Paktia province, emphasis on the presence of top security officials in the Sessions of the House due to the provisions and implementation of the bilateral security agreement between Kabul-NATO and Kabul-Washington, and other related concerned were raised up by the Senators.


During conclusion part of the Session, Speaker of the House discussed about the above-mentioned concerned issues and emphasized for investigation of the incident in the Chaparhar district.

Moreover, Speaker of the House during his speaking emphasized for revision of the bilateral security agreement between Kabul-Washington and also discussed about the election issue and the recent terrorist attack on the Ministry of Interior Affairs.



Finally, Senator Abdul Latif Nahzatyar presented the Senate delegation official visit to Saudi Arabia. During the visit which headed by Speaker of the House, delegation of the House had official meeting with Abdullah Bin Muhammad Bin Ibrahim Aal-Sheikh Speaker of the Majles al-Shurai of Saudi Arabia and other authorities of Saudi Arabia.