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Monday 21 January 2019

Press Office of the House of Elders

May 29, 2018


At the House of Elders Session on Tuesday led by Mohammad Alam Ezadyar first deputy Speaker of the House, The Senators discussed the current situation of the country.


At the beginning of the meeting, a number of senators criticized the lack of presence of the country's top security and defense officials in today’s Session of the House and said that they had to answered to the questions of the Senators regarding the current situation, providing security to the polling stations and the lack of implementing bilateral security agreement between Kabul and Washington.

During the Session, Speaker of the Session and other Senators strongly condemned killing of civilians including relatives of the Speaker of the House during a night raid in the Chapar Har district of the Ningarhar province and also in Jaini Khil district of Paktia provice and emphasizes were about investigation of the incident.


Moreover, during the open part of the Session, members of the House expressed their concerns regarding lack of Tazkira distribution centers in the districts, buying and selling copy of Tazkira, fears of fake Tazkira distribution during the election and other relevant concerned issues were raised by the Senators.

 Furthermore, the Senators discussed about the recent visits of security officials to Pakistan and said that the Pakistan never wants peace in Afghanistan and such visits are useless and waste of time. The Senators once again expressed their concerns regarding worsening security situation in some part of the country especially in the Faryab, Ghazni and northern provinces and emphasizes were that the related security officials should have precautionary measures for security maintenance and also should have military operation in the high-risked areas.


During conclusion of the Session, Ezadyar discussion about the raised issues and demanded on revision of bilateral security agreement between the US and Kabul and demanded for security maintenance of election.