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Monday 21 January 2019

Press Office of the House of Elders

May 27, 2018

During the House of Elders Session on Sunday led by Muhammad Ezadyar First Deputy Speaker of the House, along of Interrogation of Minister of Women Affairs, discussion was regarding the current situation of the country.


At the beginning of the Session, Sediqa Balkhi Chairman of the Commission of Woman affairs and civil society and other Senators raised questions from the mentioned minister regarding the increasing violence against the women in the country, subject of child rape in the Herat province, increases level of violence, activities of provincial department of women affairs, The formation of this Ministry, Lack of awareness of women about the voter registration process, Increasing the number of addicted women in the country, establishing of literacy courses for women, Creating job opportunities for begging women in Kabul, Activities and achievements of the Ministry of Women's Affairs in the above cases and other related concerned issue were raised in the Session.

Subsequently, Delbar Nazari Minister of Women Affairs explained to the above-mentioned raised questions of the Senators and said that insecurity, impunity, insulting customs, lack of awareness of the rights and obligations are the main factors of violence in the country.


Furthermore, she informed of creation of some laws and regulations and the revision of several titles of the law to combat the wrong phenomenon of violence against the women in the country.

In addition, the ministry has been able to conduct meetings with various sectors to reduce the level of violence in the country and also made various bodies of the committees for the prohibition of women harassment.

During the open part of the Session, the Senators welcomed the process of initiating the registration of candidates for the Wolesi Jirga and district councils and discussed regarding the current matters in the election process.


Moreover, some Senators expressed their concerns regarding the recent decision of the parliament of Pakistan for merging tribal areas to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and said that this is one-sided decision of the Pakistan parliament and the current issue of Durand line has not been solved and in this regard the government of Afghanistan should share its concern with the United Nations Security Council.


In addition to the above mentioned raised issues by the Senators, the Senators expressed their concerns regarding worsening security situation in some part of the country especially in the Faryab and Ghazni provinces and emphasizes were that the related security officials should have precautionary measures for the security maintenance and also should have military operation in the high-risked areas. 

Also, during the Session it is said that approximately 3,500 doctors across the country want to voluntarily work in the centers and provinces to complete their professional program. by this it will solve the lack of specialized doctors in remote areas and reduces the number of applicants for this program in the coming years. The Session considered this matter as an important issue and decision made that this plane should be sent to the Presidential office and the Ministry of Public Health to take appropriate decisions in the regard.