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Approvals Of MJ
Friday 22 February 2019

Press Office of the House of Elders

May 13, 2018


Members of the House of Elders during the plenary Session approved an international document and also supported the joint declaration of Afghanistan, Indonesia and Pakistan’s Scholar.



The Session approve agreement between GoIRA and Republic of Uzbekistan about maintenance security of Hairatan Tarmz bridge after its review in the commissions of the House.

At the open part of the Session, the Senators declared their support about the joint declaration of Afghanistan, Indonesia and Pakistan’s Scholar about peace and stability in Afghanistan and also considered suicide attacks are in contradiction with Islamic principles.

Also during the Session, members of the Session discussed regarding the parliamentary election issues and expressed their concerns regarding the recent action of IEC for placing sticker on the copy of Tazkira (National ID Card) and added that this will pave the way for widespread fraud in the upcoming election and the Election Commission should adopt the necessary and acceptable measures, such as creating a database and Biometric of voter registration.



Moreover, members of the House of Elders expressed their concerns regarding worsening security situation in the country in some provinces and also criticizes were regarding incompetence of security officials and careless of foreign troops regarding security situation in Afghanistan.

Furthermore, members of the House discussed regarding the continuation of the political conflict between the leaders of the national unity government, criticism on lack of implementing the new US strategy in South Asia, Taliban receiving financial assistance in some areas under the control of the government, especially in Pul-e-Khumri, and causing human casualties and huge financial losses as a result of last floods in the districts of Baghlan province, the emphasis on giving further competencies to the security sector during military operations, Criticizing the decision of the Ministry of Higher Education on the pre-test exam in the eastern part of the country, emphasizing on repression of the enemies, concerns about the rise in dollar rates and its negative impact on raw materials and fuel, Emphasis on solving disability issues in the Kabul municipality, increases in the level of individuals assassination in Nangarhar province, The possibility of corruption in the election commissions, and other related concerned issues were raised in the Session.



In conclusion part of the Session, Speaker of the House discussed regarding the above mentioned raised concerned issues and also discussed about the parliamentary election issues. Moreover, Speaker of the appraised the Peace High Council struggles for achieving peace in the country.