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Thursday 21 March 2019

Press Office of the House of Elders

May 6, 2018


Minister of Interior Affairs and Deputy Chairman of NDS Interrogated.



The House of Elders Session which led in two part by chairmanship of Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the House Minister of Interior Affairs and Deputy Chairman of NDS Interrogated.

Members of the House raised questions from the above mentioned security authorities about related concerned issues especially regarding maintaining security of registration voting centers, recent terrorist incidents and crimes in the capital Kabul and provinces, payment issues of contractors related to Ministry of interior affairs, circumstances of exams for some vacancies in the Ministry of Interior affairs, Highways security, lack of attention toward livelihood of security personnel’s, intervention in recruitment process, rumors regarding transferring of IS militants to Northern provinces, concerns regarding murdering of journalists and other concerned issues were raised in the Session.



Afterward, Wais Ahmad Barmak Minister of Interior Affairs during his speaking answered to the raised concerned security issues and also presented the four years’ strategy of the ministry in the section of education programs, reforms in the ministry, and recruitment procedures.

Moreover, he discussed about suppression programs of enemies across the country.

Subsequently, Deputy Director General of NDS provided information regarding activities of terrorism in Afghanistan, recent security incidents and security measures in the country, and also regarding other concerned security issues.  



  At the open part of the Session, the Senators welcomed distribution of Electronic National ID card and considered distribution of that in accordance to constitution.

Also, members of the House expressed their support from the trilateral meeting of religious scholars from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Indonesia, which scheduled to take place next weekend (11 May) in the capital Jakarta, Indonesia.



Furthermore, members of the House during the Session condemned the terrorist attack on the House of General Abdul Raziq Security Commander of the Kandahar province, and also expressed their concerns regarding use of fake Tazkira (NIC) during parliamentary election.