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Thursday 21 March 2019

Press Office of the House of Elders



The Chairs’ Committee Session of the House was led by the Speaker and Second Deputy Speaker of the House and the following agenda was decided upon for future Sessions of the House:


1.  At the Plenary Session of the House on Sunday 6th of May, along of open discussion, discussion should be about  agreement between GoIRA and Islamic Development Bank about Implementation of the Kabul Ring Road Project and also Minister of Interior Affairs should answer to the questions of the Senators regarding maintaining security of voting centers, recent terrorist incidents in Kabul and Ningarhar province, and also regarding related concerned issues.


2. Works on the Laws of Congregation, Protests, and Strikes. May 8, 2018.

Moreover, Members of the Session expressed their concerns regarding financial support of some schools by some foreign embassies and ordered to Commission of religion, cultural, education and higher education of the House to investigate the mentioned concerned issue.

Furthermore, discussion of the Session was regarding the concerned issues of the parliamentary election in the country and also other related concerned issues were raised by the members of the Session.

At the beginning of the Session, Speaker of the House welcomed participation of Abdul Muqtadir Nasiri the New Secretary General of the Senate Secretariat and also praised services and activities of Taimor Shah Qawim Deputy SG of the Senate.