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Thursday 21 March 2019

Press Office of the House of Elders



Members of the Senate supported and welcomed the voter registration.


During the Session of the House of Elders on Sunday by chairmanship of Speaker of the House, members of the Senate supported and welcomed the voter registration. The process of registering names of voters for the election which is started yesterday, the Senators hoped that the government should pave the way for transparent, fair and countrywide election and added that the armed opponent of the government should also participate in the election.


Furthermore, the Senators condemned the Taliban action of once again destruction of imported power pylon in the Baghlan province and called on the government to prevent such crimes of Taliban.

Moreover, Members of the House expressed their concern over the severe drought in the northwest part of the country and demanded form the government specially the Ministry of agriculture to take measures for reaching for this natural disease. 


Additionally, during the Session variety of issues discussed by the members of the House especially issue of lack of drinkable water in the Nimroz province, martyrdom of compatriot in the attack of Taliban on the Khowaja Omari district of the Ghazni province, causalities in the Shendand district of the Herat province, insecurity in the Highways of Paktia province, absence of Minister of Interior affairs during the meeting days, emphasizes for making mechanism for local police, emphasizes for solving issue of Syria through talk and negotiation, and other related concerned issues were raised in the Session.


Also, the Session discussed about the loan agreement between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Islamic Development Bank and referred to relevant commission for further reviews.


At the conclusion part of the Session, Speaker of the House discussed about the above mentioned issues and also expressed his concerns about the recent casualties of Afghanistan security forces in different part of the country. Similarly, Speaker of the House condemned destruction of imported power pylon in the Baghlan province and asked form the government to conduct military operation in the areas.