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Saturday 22 September 2018

Press Office of the House of Elders



The House of Elders Special Chairman Committee Session Held by Second Deputy Speaker of the House.

During the special chairman committee session of the Upper House discussion was regarding the Kabul city issues with acting mayor of Kabul city.

The session appraised the effective activities of the Kabul mayor in reconstruction, and building of roads and other related activities but criticizes were on his absence during the commissions session of the Senate.




Members of the Session questioned the acting mayor regarding the relevant issues of Kabul city which included on circumstances of providing services for the Padola town of Kabul city, Increases of stray dogs in Kabul city, cleaning of Kabul, Preventing the accumulation of rain water, reconstruction of roads and paths, development procedures of metro-bus in the capital Kabul, corruption in Kabul municipality, solving problems of disabled peoples, illegal construction of buildings, lack of attention toward the quality of construction materials, traffic issue and other related concerned issues were raised in the session.

Then, Abdullah Habib Zai Acting of the Kabul Municipality explained to the above mentioned questions and related issues of the Kabul municipality and presented information about the future and current reconstruction of the Kabul city.

At the end of the Session, Mohammad Alam Ezadyar First Deputy Speaker of the House emphasized for further cooperation among the Kabul municipality and the police and added that the Kabul municipality should share information about the illegal construction and other related concerned issues with the House of Elders to investigate the issues with relevant authorities.