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Monday 25 March 2019

Press Office of the House of Elders



The House discussed the current concerned issues and ratified a legislative decree.




At the Upper House Session on Sunday by chairmanship of Fazil Hadi Muslimyar Speaker of the House, the presidential decree about (process, publishing and enforcement of legislative documents) ratified after is reviews in the commission of legislative, judicial and justice affairs and in all other commissions of the House.

 During the open part of the Session, the Senators discussed about the recent visit of the Pakistan prime minister to Kabul and supported every step that led to peace maintenance in the country. The Senators said that according to past experiences, Pakistan never acted honestly to their promises in fighting against terrorism and their officials visits the Kabul after some international pressure.

The Senators also expressed their views about the visit of Prime Minister of Turkey to Kabul and hoped that this visit could help for the positive results to peace and fight against terrorism in Afghanistan.   




Furthermore, the Senators discussed variety of issues including existence of corruption in the national procumbent committee, dual game of US with Afghanistan and Pakistan, emphasizes for strengthening the border police, solving problems of repatriated, forbidding cut of jungles in the Kunar province and other concerned issues were raised in the Session.


At the conclusion of the Session, Muhammad Alam Ezad Yar First Deputy Speaker of the House concluded the above raised issues and expressed his concerns regarding the challenges and issues in the Islamic countries and also expressed his grief about the civilian casualties in the Eastern Ghouta of Syria.




First deputy of the Senate commemorated about the historical relations between Afghanistan and Turkey and welcomed visit of Prime Minister of Turkey to Kabul.