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Sunday 24 March 2019

Press Office of the House of Elders


 The Upper House Chairman Committee Session Held by Speaker of the House.



During the chairman committee Session of the House along of discussion the current matter of the country, decision made for the upcoming Sessions of the House as below:

1.      At the Plenary Session of the House on Sunday 8 of April, along of open discussion, discussion and work should be on the legislative decree about the (process, publish, and enforcing of legislative document).

2.      At the Plenary Session of the House on Sunday 10th of April, Minister of Public health and Minister of fight against drug and narcotic and its deputy and related officials of the Ministry of interior affairs should provide information about collection and treatment of addicts in the country. 

3.      At the Plenary Session of the House on Sunday 9 of April, Acting of Kabul Municipality should answer to the questions of Senators regarding complaints and other related issues of Municipality and also Minister of State for the parliamentary affairs should attend the Session for better regulation of government officials’ invitation for the committee and general Session of the House.

Moreover, during the Session discussion was on work affairs of the commissions, condition of visiting and observing the Upper House, monitoring visits to provinces and other related issues were discussed in the Session.

Also, the Session decided to appreciate the athletes of the country for their achievements in one of the House Session.