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Monday 21 January 2019

Press Office of the House of Elders



The Upper House Declaration Regarding Killing of a number of Palestinians in Gaza by the Zionist regime of Israel:



Meshrano Jirga was informed on the basis of news reports that at least 16 Palestinian martyred and hundreds other have been wounded yesterday by shooting of Zionist occupied near the Gaza Strip with Israel.

The incident happened when thousands of Palestinians started a rally on the Gaza Strip with Israel on the eve of the anniversary of the Israel foundation, with the slogan of "the great return march."

The Meshrano Jirga strongly condemns this Zionist regime actions that cause distress of Muslims around the world and demands from the international community, especially the United Nations Security Council, the heads of the Islamic countries and the international community to not choose silence in the regard and also they should forbid further aggression of Israel regime.

 The Meshrano Jirga, while criticizing the mentioned incident, points out that if the Muslim Ummah, especially the leaders of the Islamic countries, were acting in integrity and unity, the Zionists would not have dared to establish Israel and did not do any actions against the oppressed Palestinian.

The Meshrano Jirga, together with the Muslim nation of Afghanistan, strongly condemns the cruelty of Israel and express their sympathy and grief with the brothers and sisters of Palestinian.


Fazil Hadi Muslimyar

Speaker of the Upper House