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Monday 21 January 2019

Press Office of the House of Elders



The International Women's Day (8 March) was celebrated by the Women's Affairs, Civil Society and Human Rights Commission of the House.



The conference which was held on this occasion in the Hall of the Upper House, initially Mohammad Alam Ezad Yar First Deputy Speaker of the House congratulated the International Women Day and spoke about the status and rights of women in Islam and said that Islam as the most complete religion, has given dignified rights to women, and in Hadith there are numerous rights for women education, training and some other things related to the high status of women.

Also, Ezad yar added that women of Afghanistan in accordance to the guidance of Islam they should struggle in order to achieve their rights and demands in the society.

Subsequently, Dr. Mohammad Faisal Sami Deputy Secretary of the House during his speaking on this occasion discussed about the women status and empowerment in Afghanistan and emphasized for ending violence against women through taking effective measures.

Also, Madam Sediqa Balkhi Chairman of the Commission of Women Affairs and Civil Society of the Senate during her speaking mentioned about the problems, violence against women, issues of education and other related concerned issues of women in Afghanistan.



Likewise, in the conference, Senators Gulaly Akbari, Maulavi Abdullah Qarluq, Fawzia Sadat Samkani and some other members of the House Secretariat discussed about the women status and their role in the society.

Finally, at the end of the conference, Ezad Yar presented the Senate Appreciation Letter to Madam Sediqa Balkhi and other Female Senators of the House.