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Approvals Of MJ
Monday 10 December 2018

Press Office of the House of Elders

December 31, 2017

The House approved the Law of Registration the Assets of Authorities and Relevant Government Employees.


During the House of Elders Session on Sunday, chaired by Fazil Hadi Muslim Yar, Speaker of the House, the House approved the Presidential Decree concerning the amendment proposal at the Law of Registration the Assets of Authorities with Relevant Government Employees.

In the opening part of the Session, the Senators condemned the terrorist attack at the Tabyan Cultural Center in Kabul in the strongest possible terms. The Senators criticized the intelligence security officials for their weakness in avoiding the attack and emphasized for conducting prospective operations to prevent such terrorist attacks in the future.

During the session, the Senators also expressed admiration for the recent remark of Professor Abdul-Rab Rassoul Sayaf calling for Atta Noor Mohammad and the leadership of the Government to compromise and end the disputes for the national interest. 

The Senators during their discussion also mentioned the unjustified, provocative efforts of some members of the Wolesi Jirga (House of Representatives) on the status of the Law of Population Registration and said that disagreements between the two Houses of Parliament regarding the mentioned law had been solved in accordance to the Constitution through making joint delegation of both Houses. It was stressed any addition in the law is not acceptable and is illegal. On the basis of that law, the Government were encouraged to begin the distribution of electronic ID cards as soon as possible.

The Senators also mentioned the New Year 2018 according to the Gregorian calendar, and hoped for prosperity and peace in Afghanistan and the region as well.

In conclusion of the Session, the Speaker of the House expressed his views on the above-mentioned issues and condemned the recent terrorist attacks in the Kabul and requested security officials to pay close attention to the national security of civilians. Moreover, Speaker of the House discussed about his recent visit to Saudi Arabia and presented information about his meeting with Afghan residents in that country.


Finally, Dr. Mohammad Faisal Sami, Second Deputy Speaker of the House, presented a report of the House delegation participation in the International Conference titled ‘Parliamentarians against Drugs’.