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Monday 10 December 2018

 Press Office of the House of Elders

December 26, 2017

Minister of Finance presented Information regarding the Draft Budget for the Fiscal Year 1397.


During the House Session, chaired by Second Deputy Speaker of the House, Aklil Hakimi, the Minister of Finance presented information related to additions to the proposal of the Senate in the Draft Budget for the Fiscal Year 1397.

Aklil Hakimi, during his speaking discussed Uzbekistan's readiness for transferring 1000MWs of electricity and creating textile factories in Helmand and Kapisa provinces - removal of purchasing extra and luxury items from the national budget by suggestion of Senate, increases in the income revenues of the country - consideration of specified budget for the Meshrano Jirga’s



TV in accordance with the presidential decree - increasing salaries and privileges for people with disabilities - considering the money for teachers' fees - the economic commitments of the international community at the Brussels-Warsaw Conference.



During the open part of the Session, Senators discussed a variety of issues including condemning the House of Representatives remarks against the Meshrano Jirga - condemnation of recent terrorist attacks in the Kabul and Helmand provinces - the ineffective results of signing the strategic agreement with the U.S. - emphasis for national unity.