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Wednesday 24 February 2021



First Deputy Speaker

 Name:   His Excellency Alhaj Mohammad Alam Izedyar

F/Name:   Alhaj Mohammad Aslam Khan

Committee:Member of Commission of women affairs and civil society   

Date of Birth: 1963

Place of Birth: Paranda Village, Bazarak District, Panjshir Province

Permanent Resident: Paranda Village, Bazarak District, Panjshir Province

Current Resident: 4th Macroryan, District 9, Kabul

Marital Status: Married

Education: Degree in Law, Political Science &Islamic Studies.

Constituency: Panjshir

Work Experience: Teacher and principal in Panjshir, Editor of Subh-e-

Pirozi Magazine, Deputy Assistant of Jihad Gallery, In

Charge of Alberoni Training Association in Peshawar

(Pakistan) Bakhtar News Agency Director of foreign

News, Deputy Director of Bakhtar News Agency,

Director of Parwan Province Information and Culture

Directorate, Deputy of Aria News Agency (Doshanbi,

Tajikistan), Founder and Director of Peace Radio,

Director of Radio Afghanistan, Radio and Television

Afghanistan (RTA) Deputy Director, Deputy of

Afghan Advertisement, Information and Culture

Director of Panjshir Province, Representative of

Panjshir in the Interim Loya Jirga (2002). Mr Izedyar

Also translated Alhazir-ul-Alam-ul-Isalmi and published7

hundreds of cultural, political and social articles in

national and international magazines and newspapers

Political Background: Jamiat-e-Islami Party member until Mujahidin’s victory

Email Address: ma_ezadyar@yahoo.com, zia_shirzad@yahoo.com

Contact Number(s): 0700267931 / 0700 27 46 89 / 0772122009